Over the years Cloudscape has hosted and participated in a number of events, art shows and galleries, and more. Here you can browse through photos of all our past events!

Events Photos

2022 Doodle Bee2019 Comics 4 ComicsTGD2S Comic Jams2017 Halloween Party2015 Epic Canadiana #2 Shipping Party2015 Comics in Transit2014 Artquake2014 Halloween2014 Summer Manga Camp2014 VanCAF BBQ2013 24 Hour Comic Day2013 Christmas Party2013 Draw Down2013 Family Fuse2013 Free Comic Book Day2013 Halloween2013 Quick on the Draw2013 Stratus Opening Night2013 Twa Corbies Book Launch2012 Family Day2012 Studio Launch Party2010 Emerald City Comic Con2009 Funday Sunnies Launch

Art & Comics Gallery

2019 Comics In Transit2017 Comics In Transit2016 Big Draw2016 John Oliver Secondary Jams2015 Comics In Transit2015 Draw Down Comic Jam2013 Sea Monsters2012 Draw A Giant2012 Monster AlphabetTimeless Umbrella Girl
2019 featured Cloudscape comics’ third round of posters in the Comics In Transit series. Displayed in bus shelters across Vancouver, these comics featured stories by 11 Indigenous BC artists, all about family and family history.

In 2017, Cloudscape comics produced it’s second round of posters in the Comics In Transit series. These posters sought to explore the Canadian refugee experience and were written and drawn by BC comic artists in collaboration with Canadian refugee partners.

Big Draw comics at Cloudscape!

Comic jams!

In 2015, Cloudscape organized a wide variety of local artists to create one-page comics that were then displayed in bus shelters all over Metro Vancouver. Here are all the Comics in Transit, each one featuring people interacting with cities all over the world.

We brought a lot of people together, both experienced artists and those just starting, to do a “Comic Jam.” That’s where a person draws one panel of a comic, he passes it to the next person to draw the next panel, and so on until the comic is complete. Take a look at all the crazy stuff that was produced.

As part of Cloudscape’s 2013 fundraiser for our seventh anthology, Waterlogged – Tales of the Seventh Sea, we encouraged Cloudscape members to draw a variety of sea monsters. Here’s what they created for us.