Our Team

These are the hard-working and dedicated people who keep Cloudscape going by running our weekly membership meetings, organizing events and workshops, preparing our books for print, managing sales and distribution, and more!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly to the staff or board member your question pertains to.

For general information about Cloudscape, contact Jeff Ellis.


Jeff Ellis

Executive Director
Jeff Ellis

Hannah Myers

Hannah Myers


Kathleen Gros

Kathleen Gros

Oliver McTavish-Wisden

Vice President
Oliver McTavish-Wisden

Director of Promotions
Evan Waterman

Christian Lett

Digital Manager
Kelly Chen


Cloudscape’s editors are a group of dedicated visionaries who organize each anthology. They work with the artists from script to inks to post-production, ensuring the thematic vision of our books is successful. Editors change from book to book.

Our most recent editors are: Hannah Myers, Jeff Ellis, Jade McGilvray, Bevan Thomas, Evan Waterman


As a comics publisher, Cloudscape produces many books per year, primarily from local BC artists. The role of the book submission committee is to filter through the many story pitches and requests for publishing that we receive to determine the stories that fit best with the brand and level of quality that readers have come to expect from Cloudscape books. Click here for more information on how to submit a pitch to Cloudscape.

Our current committee is: Jade McGilvray, Jonathon Dalton, Emily Lampson, Kathleen Gros, Hannah Myers


The distribution committee is largely responsible for getting Cloudscape’s books into stores, both physical and digital. The committee’s goal is to help readers by increasing outreach and accessibility to Cloudscape’s books and the work of our members.

Our current committee is: Evan Waterman, Jonathon Dalton, Daniel Anctil, Lisa LaRose


It takes a lot of people to run Cloudscape. In addition to the above individuals, we also rely on the hard work of the following members:

Librarian: Jean Kindratsky
Gallery Manager: Oliver McTavish-Wisden, Kelly Chen
Social Media: Kelly Chen, Kathleen Gros, Emily Lampson
Craft Corner and Zine Machine: Moses Cirulis
Website Admin: Evan Waterman