Pitching A Project to Cloudscape



Please read the list below to find out what information you will be asked for in the Submission Form. We have also written a blog post that details some of the things our submissions committee is looking for, as well as an FAQ about pitching to us. You can find that post here.
If you have any questions or concerns about the pitching process or requirements, please contact us at info(at)cloudscapecomics(dot)com.


  • As part of Cloudscape’s mission to develop comics in BC and northern Canada, we are only open to submissions from individuals or teams that are at least 50% current or former BC / Yukon / NWT / Nunavut residents.
  • We do not publish zines / floppies unless they are gathered into a book with a minimum interior page count of 45.
  • We only publish comics. No novels, illustrated books, etc.


If your project is a Graphic Novel (single story):

  • Plot Synopsis (approx 750-1000 words)
  • Character Descriptions
  • Genre / Target Audience
  • Themes
  • Compare / Contrast (to other works on the market, ideally comics)

If your project is an Anthology (collection of stories):

  • Theme
  • Short summary of your story (if applicable)
  • Contributing Artists (ones you think you can get to contribute)
  • Genre / Target Audience
  • Compare / Contrast (to other works on the market, ideally comics)

Information needed for both:

  • Timeline Plan (your schedule for finishing pencils, inks, etc)
  • Book Dimensions
  • Page Count
  • Final Look (what you envision the book to look like)

About You:

  • Name
  • Website / Portfolio Links (optional but encouraged)
  • Biography (tell us a bit about you)


  • Sample script for 10 comic pages – MUST BE A PDF
  • Samples of 5-10 comic pages  – MUST BE JPGS/PNGS OR PDF