Comic Reviews

Comics reviewed by Cloudscape members.

Book of Hope

Review by Matthew Nielsen The Book of Hope by Tommi Musturi follows the life, thoughts, memories, and daydreams of a middle-aged Finnish couple living in the countryside. It focuses initially on the husband but later features the wife as well. The story feels slow but, at the same time, also like […]

War Is Boring

Review by Matthew Nielsen War Is Boring: Bored Stiff, Scared to Death in the World’s Worst War Zones is a graphic novel memoir by David Axe and Matt Bors that follows elements of the war journalism career and life of David Axe. Though it is based on the webcomic of […]

With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child

Review by Matthew Nielsen With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child by Keiko Tobe is a manga series about a mother, Sachiko, raising her autistic son, Hikaru, while also exploring the lives and challenges faced by the other family members and their friends. The story is what some would call “edutainment,” […]

Embroidered Cancer Comic

Review by Matthew Nielsen Embroidered Cancer Comic by Sima Elizabeth Shefrin is a short comic  (graphic novella?) that’s an autobiographical retelling of Elizabeth’s husband Bob being diagnosed with prostate cancer. The comic’s panels are entirely made up of embroidered line art illustrations, and whilst this artwork can appear somewhat unrefined, it still […]

The Lengths

Review by Matthew Nielsen The Lengths by Howard Hardiman is graphic novel about Eddie, a young man from London who becomes a male escort under the alias “Ford.” Along with a separate name, he gets a second mobile phone to help keep his two lives apart. Not only does the story focus […]

Project X Challengers: Seven Eleven

Review by Matthew Nielsen Project X Challengers — Seven Eleven: The Miraculous Success of Japan’s 7-Eleven Stores is a non-fiction manga written by Tadashi Ikuta and illustrated by Naomi Kimura that chronicles the the ambitious founding of the Japanese 7-Eleven store. One may assume that this story is merely about an American 7-Eleven […]

Sarah’s Scribbles

Review by Matthew Nielsen There are numerous creative, witty, relatable and funny webcomics (collectively titled Sarah’s Scribbles) made by the illustrator Sarah Andersen. You may have come across them online many times or maybe you’ve never heard of them, bu if you like at least some of the first couple of […]

Relish: My Life in the Kitchen

Review by Matthew Nielsen Relish: My Life in the Kitchen by Lucy Knisley is an autobiographical journey of the author’s relationship with food. Knisley has enthusiastic high quality food lovers for parents and has spent a great deal of time and family connections working in or around the kitchen, and the […]

Artemis Fowl: the Graphic Novel

Review by Matthew Nielsen An adaptation of the first book of the young adult fantasy series by Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl: the Graphic Novel is written by Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin, illustrated by Giovanni Rigano, and colored by Paolo Lamanna. Artemis Fowl  focuses on young genius (aged 12 in the first book) and […]