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Swan Song – UBC Arts Report

Ashley Park on the Arts Report (on CiTR-FM, UBC’s radio station) talks about Swan Song, Cloudscape’s music-themed anthology. She discusses the anthology’s variety of topics, which stories stood out for her in particular, and each story approaches the themes differently. In particular, she enjoyed how each story was linked to a particular song.:

“It was so much fun because I would type [the song] on Youtube, and I would listen to the music, and then I would read the comic itself …. It was such a cool thing to do because… as artists we kind of have music on , just kind of zone out and go with the flow. You have sounds going on, but you are feeling the music and expressing it in its own way. So I like the sounds and the art going together.”

To listen to the full review go to Arts Report July 18, 2018.



Review by Matthew Nielsen

Hostage  by Guy Delisle is a graphic novel telling the story of Christophe André’s kidnapping and time spent as a hostage in Chechnya. A young Frenchman working for Doctors Without Borders, André was taken from his office and driven away to remote unknown locations.

Delisle provides a gripping story in capturing the immense expanses of time that André spends in solitude. As days and days go by, the reader is often left alone with André, his prison cell, and the thoughts that go through his mind.

The artwork is stylized and sketchy, but it works, especially with the minimalistic settings and interiors that feature prominently throughout stories like these. Even if the style isn’t immediately your cup of tea, give it a try for the story, and maybe it’ll grow on you. I quite enjoyed this book and found it to be memorable, inspiring, and overall an excellent graphic novel.