Kathleen Gros

Topic of the Day

Cloudscape, at its heart, has always been about cartoonists coming together and finding community. Cartooning is an isolating art, but finding likeminded creators makes the whole thing feel a little less lonely. For over 10 years Cloudscape has been a physical space where cartoonists could gather on Wednesday nights and […]

Tower 25 Has Arrived!

This morning our secretary and editor-in-chief received a special delivery–the print copies of Tower 25 by PJ Patten. The books look fantastic and are eager to head out to their new homes. Thank you to everyone who helped bring this book to print, we couldn’t do what we do without […]

Halloween in September!

Halloween in September? You heard that right! Time has no meaning right now, so why shouldn’t we get to start Halloween two months early? On September 7th (formerly Labour Day), Cloudscape is running a super spooky Halloween spectacular, entirely online. We have a number of ghoulish events planned, and you’re welcome to join us! Unless you’re too […]