Currently Crowdfunding: Jason Turner’s Outbreak Diaries!

In March of 2020 Jason Turner started documenting, in the form of daily diary comics, how the world changed when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit. Outbreak Diaries is a graphic novel that collects these strips. In his quiet and reflective way, Jason gives us a window into what life was like for him and his partner in the early days of the pandemic. This book is full of day to day observations centered in honest emotions that are relatable to all of us who experienced 2020.

So much of the coverage of the pandemic has focused on the people and professions who could afford to work from home. What about everyone who couldn’t? What has their pandemic looked like? Outbreak Diaries is told from the point of view of two frontline workers—a retail clerk and an intensive care nurse. This graphic novel shows what the beginning of the pandemic looked like in Vancouver, BC, and offers a window into that world for those living elsewhere. The pandemic has been both global and personal, in that it is happening everywhere and we are all experiencing it differently. In publishing this story, we hope to share Jason’s experience with you.

Outbreak Diaries is a personal, true story. It is also a historical document. Decades from now, we will be grateful to be able to look back and see the details of life that Jason recorded.

To get your copy of this book, head over to our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo! There’s 2 weeks left in the campaign and we’re so close to reaching our funding goal!