1919: The Graphic Novel

Local cartoonist David Lester was recently interviewed by the CBC about his graphic novel 1919, about the Winnipeg General Strike of that year. The Winnipeg General Strike was a pivotal event in Canadian history that isn’t well-known by the majority of Canadians. It was a consolidation of the labour movement […]

Life Drawing is BACK!

Do you miss life drawing? Well, we’ve got some good news for you. Cloudscape will be hosting an outdoor, draped, and socially distant life drawing session at our HQ on Thursday August 13 from 6-8. Admission is $15. Charcoal and newsprint will be available for purchase, as well. If you […]

Welcoming our New Editor-in-Chief!

The Clousdcape Board is thrilled to announce that Hannah Lou Myers will be stepping into the new role of Cloudscape’s Editor-in-Chief. Hannah has been involved with Cloudscape since 2017 and has held two board positions in her time with us, first as Secretary, and most recently as Vice President. During […]

A Message From the Board

It’s Wednesday & normally we’d be promoting one of our ebooks, but the Cloudscape Board feels that your time and ours would be better served by supporting bail funds for protestors, and supporting local causes that serve the Black community of Vancouver. Black Lives Matter. You can support the Black […]

Latest Promoted Ebook!

Every Wednesday for the foreseeable future we will be releasing one of our ebooks with a special 100% discount code. The code will be active for 2 weeks. This week, check out Una the Blade, Steve LeCouilliard’s sword-wielding adventure comic. Head over to our Gumroad & use discount code “bladesrcool” at checkout to […]