Halfsoul: Zach Kickstarter is LIVE!

Halfsoul: Zach’s Story Launches on Kickstarter!

Many exciting things are happening with Cloudscape in May, from TCAF and VanCAF, to the launch of our newest graphic novel, Halfsoul: Zach, on Kickstarter! This young adult graphic novel comes to life with beautiful linework and dynamic panel layouts. Exploring mental health issues in a fantasy world, Halfsoul examines what it means to lose a part of yourself, and whether or not you can get it back. 

Sample Pages: 

Scarlet Wings Kaili is a neurodivergent creator who emphasizes recovery and resilience in the face of trauma. In Halfsoul, people who are desperate can trade half of their soul to a demon in exchange for immense power… or pure survival. The story is written in such a way that you can pick up any Halfsoul book and get a complete story without reading the others. 

During the Kickstarter campaign, you can also get stickers, bonus stories, and a Kickstarter-exclusive print! Those who order in the first three days will get the print included with their pledge!

Check out the Kickstarter here!