Where to Find Cloudscape’s E-Books

At Cloudscape we love having the ability to digitally share our works with readers. Did you know that there are two new places to find our ebooks?

Global Comix is a free digital reading/distribution platform that focuses on comics and graphic novels. If you’re looking for a place to discover new independent comics, Global Comix is it. They’re currently the only platform that carrie the Welcome to Mina’s ebook!

Modular Comics is a BC-based online marketplace for independent graphic novels. They currently carry the ebooks for Last Night at Wyrmwood High, The Witching Hours, and Bones of the Coast. You can also find interviews with several of our creators on their site.

We try to make our comics as available as possible. We love partnering with new platforms that support indie work. We hope you’ll check out both of these digital comics providers and fall in love with some new comics titles!