Posts sharing art by Cloudscape members.

Halloween in September!

Halloween in September? You heard that right! Time has no meaning right now, so why shouldn’t we get to start Halloween two months early? On September 7th (formerly Labour Day), Cloudscape is running a super spooky Halloween spectacular, entirely online. We have a number of ghoulish events planned, and you’re welcome to join us! Unless you’re too […]

Monster Alphabet: Strange Creatures from A-Z

Last year, Cloudscape ran the Monster Alphabet, a contest where we would invent various names for fictional creatures and artists would then draw what they think those creatures would look like. Go to the Monster Alphabet to see all 26 of the winners, along with a detailed description of each […]

New Cloudscape Comics Headquarters

Cloudscape Comics is moving into a new studio!  Thanks to the City of Vancouver’s Fieldhouse Initiative, a program that repurposes neglected park buildings into free studio spaces for artist collectives in exchange for free community programming, Cloudscape has found a new home for our roster of more than 60 unique […]

More Canadian heroes

Here’s some Canadian heroes by the multi-talented Colin Upton: The Loon, scourge of the 1940s Montreal underworld and a fanatical Nazi-hunter. Canada’s most ruthless, most eccentric, and certainly most debonair crime-fighter. Here he is with his customized tank and two of his duck sidekicks. [nggallery id=74]  

All-Canadian Heroes 2

So I’m currently putting together the roster for the graphic novel anthology All-Canadian Comics, and have been sent a wide variety of heroes, all compelling and all very Canadian. Here’s a sample of the ones we have so far: [nggallery id=73] Johnny Canuck (by Bevan Thomas and Jeff Ellis): Canada’s […]

Name Game: Two-in-One

by Bevan Thomas We are back once against to the Name Game, where I take a name from DC or Marvel Comics, and develop it into a totally new character of my own creation who is illustrated by one of the many talented artists I know. This character manages to […]

21 Journeys is here! 2

It’s here! At long last, 21 Journeys is up for sale on this very site. Cloudscape’s fifth anthology takes the reader on journeys near and far. Whether you travel around the world or around the block, it’s the people you meet along the way and the things you learn about […]