Welcome to Mina’s Creator Spotlight: Tamiko Masters

Tamiko Masters is one of the creators featured in our latest anthology, Welcome to Mina’s.  Tamiko lives somewhere between the wide open outdoors and the cavern she calls a studio. Post secondary is an on and off relationship. Her practice focuses on character driven, narrative storytelling. Ink and line-work are her current loves, although she’s no stranger to experimentation. I sat down with her [virtually] to get some insight into comics, diners, and the creative process.

Kathleen: What was the inspiration behind your story for this anthology?

Tamiko: I was at a diner or restaurant ( I can’t totally remember) They had a limit to their “bottomless coffee.” My friend and I spent the whole meal coming up with scenarios as to why they set a limit. It was that and the fact that coffee seems to be a staple in the Vancouver scene.  ( At least in my circles.)

K: What is your favourite part of the creative process?

T: Oh that sweet sweet line art. I love taking a sketch to final lines. It’s so meditative.

K: What’s your go-to diner order? (If you don’t really eat at diners let me know your go-to order at your favourite restaurant)

T: Eggs Bene with tomato instead of ham. Mmmmmm. Always. Or any variation of a vegetarian eggs bene, honestly.

K: This anthology is set in Vancouver. What’s your connection to the city? How would you describe Vancouver?

T: I was born here. Lived here most of my life. I recently did a stint in Calgary for school, but I came zoomin’ back. I like Vancouver for more reasons than I dislike it. I don’t think I could ever wholey love a place. Eclectic is a good word for Vancouver. In terms of food, there are so many small restaurants and eateries to discover.

* * *

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