Evan Waterman

Jason Pineo

JASON PINEO Jason loves to create: stories, drawings, props, thoughts, feelings. He loves silly monkeys, unsubtle winks at the audience, and science fiction, all found in his comic ‘Moongazing’. ‘Project 2’ panels are posted to Instagram/Twitter to explore super powers and gaming tropes. An as-yet-unnamed series of plant photography humor […]

VanCAF 2020 Creator Spotlight Videos

In partnership with VanCAF 2020, Cloudscape is proud to announce our Creator Spotlight interviews, a series of video conversations with some of the biggest and brightest names in Vancouver and Canadian comics! Hosted by Lisa LaRose, our interviews contain a wonderful lineup of creators, including: Renee Nault (The Handmaid’s Tale)Ian […]

Cloudscape Covid-19 Important Update

UPDATED: 16/02/2020 Cloudscape was founded on the idea of cartoonists getting out of their house and socializing in a public space, but unfortunately at this time, socializing in a public space has proven to be a danger to those with compromised immune systems, among others. So it is with a […]

The Witching Hours special sale price!

If, for some crazy reason, you haven’t gotten yourself a copy of Cloudscape’s newest and top selling comics anthology The Witching Hours yet, now is the time to do it! Comixology is offering a whopping 50% discount on all digital sales of The Witching Hours as a part of their […]