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Line-up for "Bones of the Coast," Cloudscape’s next anthology


The participating artists & writers for Bones of the Coast, our up-coming horror anthology, have been working hard to make their stories as frightening as possible, so it’s time to give them a little recognition. The anthology will include the talents of:

  • Kelly Aarons
  • Shannon Campbell
  • Chloe Chan
  • Anastasiya Chernaya
  • Jonathon Dalton
  • Michael Elliott
  • Jeff Ellis
  • Kevin Forbes
  • Mindy Fraser
  • KC Green
  • Britt c. h.
  • Abby Hontiveros
  • Abby Howard
  • Lindsay Ishihiro
  • Kathleen Jacques
  • Sean Karemaker
  • Emily Lampson
  • Christian Lett
  • Reetta Linjama
  • Sam Logan
  • Nina Matsumoto
  • Angela Melick
  • Sfé Monster
  • Cameron Morris
  • Renee Nault
  • Emily Partridge
  • Alina Pete
  • Yuriy Plisenko
  • Jess Pollard
  • Simon Roy
  • Kris Sayer
  • Aliena Shoemaker
  • Kris Straub
  • Bevan Thomas
  • Adam Tuck
  • Jeri Weaver
  • Pam Wishbow

We’re incredibly excited to see these stories develop – we hope you are, too!


Vancouver Can't Stop Talking About "Comics in Transit"

Sam Logan

from Sam Logan’s Comic in Transit

People in Vancouver just keep talking about our Comics in Transit. There are articles about us in:

The Vancouver Courier: Comic Collective Takes Over Bus Shelters
“I was thinking about areas that you could take comics outside of the book format because people only read comics if they feel like going to buy one,” [Oliver McTavish-Wisden] explained. “It would be nice if they were able to read comics when they were out in the world like so much sculpture already is.”

Vancity Buzz: Vancouver Bus Shelters Turn Into Comic Book Art
“All the artists are excited to see their work in real life at full size,” [said Jeff Ellis.] “Whenever someone has tried to snap a picture of one, it is usually being blocked by someone engrossed in reading it.”

Visit the two articles to read more!


One Last Week for this "Comics in Transit" Batch

Comics in Transit

The first batch of “Comics in Transit” comics will be removed on October 5, so you only have one more week to spot them! Here’s where they all are:

  • Powell 20m W/O Main NS – Phillip Barrett
  • Cambie 31m s/o W. 43rd WS – Steve Rolston
  • Commercial 20m N/O E. 6th ES – Steve Rolston
  • Fraser 20m N/O E. 28th ES – Sam Logan
  • E. Hastings 43m E/O Windermere SS – Jonathon Dalton
  • Kingsway 20m W/O Rupert NS – Johnnie Christmas
  • Nanaimo 27m S/O William WS – Jonathon Dalton
  • W. 10th 29m W/O Tolmie  – Jason Turner
  • W. 41st 11m W/O Dunbar SS – Nina Matsumoto
  • E. 49th 31m E/O Killarney SS – Sean Karemaker

After they come down, a new batch of comics will replace them, so keep your eyes peeled!


BC Tourism Talks BC Comics

Cloudscape president Oliver McTavish-Wisden recently wrote an article showcasing comics in BC that was featured on the BC Tourism website:

“Most visitors to BC come for the gorgeous natural scenery, renowned dining scene and local culture. But in addition to these iconic BC attractions, there are plenty of opportunities for those seeking a more niche experience. For example, BC is becoming increasingly know for a growing community of cartoonists making a name for themselves locally and beyond. If you’re a comic buff, or a creator yourself, BC has a lot to offer in terms of sights, stories and activities. Read on to gain a bit of a head start in exploring BC’s rich comic scene.

A number of artists and writers call BC home. Nina Matsumoto, Ian Boothby and James Lloyd all work for Bongo Comics, Vancouverite Sam Logan writes and draws the highly popular Sam and Fuzzy webcomic, and Johnnie Christmas and Ed Brisson authored Sheltered (possibly the greatest pre-apocalyptic story), published through Image Comics. Colin Upton, a fixture in the alternative arts scene since the 1980s, can often be seen walking around Vancouver and leaving behind mini-comics and ink stains in the various cafés he frequents. Also notable are Brandon Graham and Simon Roy, BC artists who’ve worked on the ground-breaking Prophet series, a comic that is proving to be critical in reviving the sci-fi genre on a large scale. And that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg: hundreds of talented indie comic artists spin their stories on our shores.”

For more, read “BC’s Comic Scene: Vancouver and Beyond.”


Call for Submissions: Bones of the Coast 1

pacific northwest

Cloudscape’s newest anthology, Bones of the Coast, is looking for submissions! Edited by Cloudscape’s very own Jeff Ellis, Shannon Campbell, and Kathleen Jacques, Bones of the Coast is a collection of horror inspired by the Pacific Northwest. We’re looking for story pitches that focus on isolation and spine-tingling eeriness, whether it lurks in cold pebbled coves, between skeletal spruces, or atop ancient mountains. This anthology of bone-chilling horror will feature work from such collaborative teams as Sfé R. Monster & Evan Dahm, Sam Logan & Kris Straub, and Emily Partridge & KC Green.

Pitches must feature at least ONE British Columbian collaborator; stories can be anywhere from 1-13 pages and will be in full, horrifying colour.

Head on over to to learn more about the anthology, check out the submission guidelines, and submit your pitch!  Deadline is August 15th!


Comics From the Farthest Corners of the Earth!

Luara Bifano, Waterlogged

It’s that time of year again! True to tradition, we at Cloudscape Comics are releasing our annual comics anthology; this year, we are proud to present Waterlogged – Tales from the Seventh Sea. Prepare yourself for a gorgeous hardcover tome printed in blue & black and featuring over 30 different artists from British Columbia!

Our fundraiser has begun! To pre-purchase the book and avail yourself of numerous other Cloudscape loot, take a gander at our indiegogo campaign (now with real video!). Also, stay tuned to our facebook and tumblr pages for artist spotlights and previews!

Waterlogged is overflowing with all sorts of nautical goodness: explorers, kraken, pirates, mermaids, naval officers, ghosts, and more can all be found between the pages. Living as we do on North America’s rainy northwest coast, the sea is always on our artists’ minds. Each story is a creator’s unique response to our great blue neighbour.

Filled with beautiful seafaring tales, the collection boasts works from such fantastic artists as Sam Logan (Sam & Fuzzy), Angela Melick (Wasted Talent), Nina Matsumoto (Yokaiden, Simpsons, Futurama), Colin Upton (Postmodern Mini-Comics), Gabriel Frizzera, Lucy Bellwood (Baggywrinkles), Jonathon Dalton (A Mad Tea-Party), Laura Bifano, Jeff Ellis (Teach English in Japan) and many others.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in local indie comics!



Weekly Comic Round-Up

Here’s the latest thing that happened last week in Cloudscape webcomics:

1. A Mad-Tea Party by Jonathon Dalton. The New Youth decide their policy on nonhuman prisoners.

2. Teach English in Japan by Jeff Ellis and Jonathon Dalton. James starts teaching sooner than he expected..

3. Wasted Talent by Angela Melick. Eating jelly beans.

4. Ed’s R Us by Ed Appleby. Some elves aren’t big on Star Trek.

5. Sam and Fuzzy by Sam Logan. The Ninja Mafia Service is morally uplifting work.

6. Gobbleknoll by Sydney More. More problems with the carnivorous hill.

7. Homo Erectus by Sydney More. Canada has dirty birds.

8. Even in Arcadia by Anise Shaw. Even at the best of times, fae knights are intimidating.

9. Titanzer by Kevin Wilson. Giant Robot fist-fight!

10. Two Keys by Chloe Chan and Aliena Shoemaker. “Chapter 13: Two-Faces.” In which Colin and Lucas take the scenic route.

11. The Mystery Adventures of the Scout by Oliver. Leathertongues is not a nice man.


Weekly Comic Round-Up

The latest news in Cloudscape webcomics:

1. Teach English in Japan by Jeff Ellis and Jonathan Dalton debates the Japanese work ethic.

2. Wasted Talent by Angela Melick shows how the riot in Vancouver gave a lot of buildings frowny faces.

3. In Ed’s R Us by Ed Appleby. Ed gets to change his hockey jersey back.

4. Sam and Fuzzy by Sam Logan reminds us that a dinosaur with a monocle controls everything.

5. Gobbleknoll by Sydney More. a rabbit tries to get Gobbleknoll the carnivorous hill to eat him.

6. Even in Arcadia by Anise Shaw reminds us that bigotry is everywhere. Perhaps even in Arcadia.

7. Titanzer by Kevin Wilson. “Thud!” is not a good sound.


Weekly Comic Round-Up

Here’s the latest thing that happened last week in Cloudscape webcomics:

1. A Mad Tea Party by Jonathon Dalton, a bus’ path is disrupted by a political march.

2. Teaching English in Japan by Jeff Ellis and Jonathon Dalton, James gets more of a feel for Ricky’s teaching style.

3. Wasted Talent by Angela Melick, the social effects of moving cubes is discussed.

4. Ed’s R Us by Ed Appleby, a larper throws a fireball at an elf.

5. Sam and Fuzzy by Sam Logan. Fart Trap.

6. Gobbleknoll by Sydney More. Rabbits must face a carnivorous hill.

7. Homo Erectus by Sydney More. Flawed garments.

8. Even in Arcadia by Anise Shaw. They won’t let her shop!

9. Titanzer by Kevin Wilson. Giant Robot attacks!


Weekly Comic Round-Up

Once again, here’s what Cloudscape webcomics have been most recently been up to in this last week, in no particular order.

1. In Teaching English in Japan, by Jeff Ellis and Jonathan Dalton, James K tells the kids something about himself. 

2. In Even in Arcadia, by Anise Shaw, a woman eats a plum in front of some impressive airships.

3. In Sam and Fuzzy, by Sam Logan, Sam and Fuzzy become popular video game characters illustrated by Shortpack‘s David Willis.

4. In Wasted Talent, by Angela Melick, we are educated in hockey lore.

5. In The Adventures of Gog Mulligan, by Sydney More, Gog encounters a strange lady.

6. In Ed’s R Us, by Ed Appleby, Ed visits a comic shop.

7. In Much the Miller’s Son, by Steve LeCouilliard, Much is lost again and Book 3 ends.

8. In Titanzer, by Kevin Wilson, people discuss the ramifications of an alien invasion.