Weekly Comic Round-Up

The latest news in Cloudscape webcomics:

1. Teach English in Japan by Jeff Ellis and Jonathan Dalton debates the Japanese work ethic.

2. Wasted Talent by Angela Melick shows how the riot in Vancouver gave a lot of buildings frowny faces.

3. In Ed’s R Us by Ed Appleby. Ed gets to change his hockey jersey back.

4. Sam and Fuzzy by Sam Logan reminds us that a dinosaur with a monocle controls everything.

5. Gobbleknoll by Sydney More. a rabbit tries to get Gobbleknoll the carnivorous hill to eat him.

6. Even in Arcadia by Anise Shaw reminds us that bigotry is everywhere. Perhaps even in Arcadia.

7. Titanzer by Kevin Wilson. “Thud!” is not a good sound.

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