Weekly Comic Round-Up

Here’s the latest thing that happened last week in Cloudscape webcomics:

1. A Mad-Tea Party by Jonathon Dalton. The New Youth decide their policy on nonhuman prisoners.

2. Teach English in Japan by Jeff Ellis and Jonathon Dalton. James starts teaching sooner than he expected..

3. Wasted Talent by Angela Melick. Eating jelly beans.

4. Ed’s R Us by Ed Appleby. Some elves aren’t big on Star Trek.

5. Sam and Fuzzy by Sam Logan. The Ninja Mafia Service is morally uplifting work.

6. Gobbleknoll by Sydney More. More problems with the carnivorous hill.

7. Homo Erectus by Sydney More. Canada has dirty birds.

8. Even in Arcadia by Anise Shaw. Even at the best of times, fae knights are intimidating.

9. Titanzer by Kevin Wilson. Giant Robot fist-fight!

10. Two Keys by Chloe Chan and Aliena Shoemaker. “Chapter 13: Two-Faces.” In which Colin and Lucas take the scenic route.

11. The Mystery Adventures of the Scout by Oliver. Leathertongues is not a nice man.

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