Weekly Comic Round-Up

Here’s the latest thing that happened last week in Cloudscape webcomics:

1. A Mad Tea Party by Jonathon Dalton, a bus’ path is disrupted by a political march.

2. Teaching English in Japan by Jeff Ellis and Jonathon Dalton, James gets more of a feel for Ricky’s teaching style.

3. Wasted Talent by Angela Melick, the social effects of moving cubes is discussed.

4. Ed’s R Us by Ed Appleby, a larper throws a fireball at an elf.

5. Sam and Fuzzy by Sam Logan. Fart Trap.

6. Gobbleknoll by Sydney More. Rabbits must face a carnivorous hill.

7. Homo Erectus by Sydney More. Flawed garments.

8. Even in Arcadia by Anise Shaw. They won’t let her shop!

9. Titanzer by Kevin Wilson. Giant Robot attacks!

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