Weekly Comic Round-Up

Once again, here’s what Cloudscape webcomics have been most recently been up to in this last week, in no particular order.

1. In Teaching English in Japan, by Jeff Ellis and Jonathan Dalton, James K tells the kids something about himself. 

2. In Even in Arcadia, by Anise Shaw, a woman eats a plum in front of some impressive airships.

3. In Sam and Fuzzy, by Sam Logan, Sam and Fuzzy become popular video game characters illustrated by Shortpack‘s David Willis.

4. In Wasted Talent, by Angela Melick, we are educated in hockey lore.

5. In The Adventures of Gog Mulligan, by Sydney More, Gog encounters a strange lady.

6. In Ed’s R Us, by Ed Appleby, Ed visits a comic shop.

7. In Much the Miller’s Son, by Steve LeCouilliard, Much is lost again and Book 3 ends.

8. In Titanzer, by Kevin Wilson, people discuss the ramifications of an alien invasion.

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