Member Comics

Nasrin’s Journey

NASRIN’S JOURNEY Anat Rabkin COMPLETE Inspired by the refugee experiences of several students from Byrne Creek Secondary School in Burnaby, this zine tells the story of a fictional Yazidi family who flee from war-torn Iraq to Canada.

Phobos and Deimos

PHOBOS AND DEIMOS Jonathon Dalton ON HIATUS A young refugee from Mars goes to high school on Earth, but teen angst and drama are only the beginning of the problems she has to face.

As Death Embraces

AS DEATH EMBRACES Veronica Kosowski and Matthew Nielsen COMPLETE At some point or another Death comes for us all. This comic reflects on the fragility of life and the bittersweet nature of death and dying.


HALFSOUL Kelly Chen ONGOING Tale, Nalia, Zach and Scarlet are a hired team by HSEA to kill Halfsouls, yet, each has their own haunting connection to what and who a Halfsoul is.