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Cloudshops: Now on Youtube!

Since 2017 Cloudscape has been running free workshops for creators looking to learn more about comics and the comics-making process. In an effort to make our Cloudshops more widely accessible, we’ve begun recording them. The first recorded Cloudshop is now up on our youtube page! Join Jonathon Dalton as he […]

Crafting Characters

By Evan Waterman To see more tutorials about making comics, check out Cloudscape’s Comics 101 page. Han Solo, Sansa Stark, Forrest Gump… Everyone has their favourite characters. Characters are the lifeblood of your story. Without strong, likable characters there is very little chance your readers will be interested in your comic. […]

How To Format A Comic Script

By Evan Waterman To see more tutorials about making comics, check out Cloudscape’s Comics 101 page. There are many different ways to format a comic script. They can be very tightly worded, describing the details of every panel, or they can be loose, only giving a vague overview of each […]

A Comic Page from Start to Finish

by Jeff Ellis Here is a breakdown of my process for creating a page for my webcomic. I am also using Adobe Contribute to make this post, so I can hopefully learn something at the same time you do. Teach English In Japan is a collaborative effort between myself and […]

How to Create Comics in Four Easy Lessons

For the Vancouver Art Gallery’s Family Fuse, Mara Coman and Chris Eberle developed a series of booklets that guide the fledgling cartoonist the four steps of comic creation using numerous examples from the works of various Cloudscape creators. The booklets proved incredibly popular and so we have placed them here […]

Quick Tips on Background Staging 3

  Over at cartoonSNAP, Sherm Cohen has a bunch of stuff about story boarding and cartooning. I personally have his Character Design book to use while teaching my 6-12 year old students to break out of some of their drawing habits. His tutorials are, by no means, a replacement for […]