Kickstarters or other charitable / promotional events and fundraisers for comics or art projects.

Swan Song available for Pre-Order

Hello all! If you missed your chance to back our latest project, Swan Song: A music anthology, well fear not! We now are taking pre-orders via Backerkit right now. Click this link and order your today! Jeff

Save the Rio Theatre!

The Rio Theatre needs your help! Recent zoning changes have attracted the attention of developers who want to buy the Rio and tear it down for a new development project that would leave a big cavernous hole on the corner of Commercial and Broadway for years, and there is only […]

Kickstarter for Toronto Comics: Osgoode as Gold

Toronto Comics is back again with a new anthology on Kickstarter featuring 24 fresh comic stories from Toronto-based indie veterans and first-time creators. From the strange giants that prowl Kensington at midnight, the vengeful Pacific Mall dance mafia, or the dragon-hunting wannabes working Queen Street, they’ve got stories inspired by […]