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A Comic Page from Start to Finish

by Jeff Ellis Here is a breakdown of my process for creating a page for my webcomic. I am also using Adobe Contribute to make this post, so I can hopefully learn something at the same time you do. Teach English In Japan is a collaborative effort between myself and […]

How to Create Comics in Four Easy Lessons

For the Vancouver Art Gallery’s Family Fuse, Mara Coman and Chris Eberle developed a series of booklets that guide the fledgling cartoonist the four steps of comic creation using numerous examples from the works of various Cloudscape creators. The booklets proved incredibly popular and so we have placed them here […]

Fallen Heroes

by Bevan Thomas June 19th, 2011 The comic series The Boys, by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, brings us numerous superhero teams with strangely familiar names: Fantastico, G-Men, Payback, and above them all is the Seven orbiting in their satellite headquarters: Homelander, world’s greatest hero, Queen Maeve, mightiest of heroines, […]

Golden-Age Superheroes

by Bevan Thomas September 24th, 2011 The Golden Age of superhero comics existed from the end of the 1930s to the beginning of the 1950s, with the bulk of it revolving around World War II. Superheroes have never been as popular since. There was something about the second War to […]


by Jonathon Dalton October 14th, 2011 If you spend as much time on the internet as I do, you’ve probably seen a lot of frustration lately on the subject of superheroes, particularly regarding DC Comics’ recent relaunch. Even when I was a regular superhero reader DC was never my thing, […]

ArtStarts looking for artists in the classroom

The Arts Integration Learning Lab is a series of 5 professional development workshops provided by ArtStarts for artists of all disciplines in the Greater Vancouver area who are interested in working with young people in schools or deepening their impact in this field. The cost for artists selected to participate in […]