Edison Yan

EDISON YAN Edison is an illustrator and art director in the Videogame and Animation Industry. Some of his most notable projects have been Scribblenauts (WarnerBros), Drawn-to-Life (THQ), Lock’s Quest (THQ), and Endangered Species (DHX). He’s a regular contributor to Cloudscape Comics and is currently art directing on a Netflix exclusive […]

Ed Appleby

ED APPLEBY     Ed “Mr Jitters” Appleby is a cartoonist and graphic designer based out of Vancouver originally from Lumby, BC. He began publishing work online in 2005 and has been doing comics full time since 2008. Ed puts his prolific amount of comics down to copious amounts of caffeine […]

Allison Koberstein

ALLISON KOBERSTEIN     Allison is an exhibiting artist and illustrator. Her experimental multi-linear webcomic Flock was featured in Cloudscape’s art shows at the Cultch and Ayden Gallery, and she recently participated in the Comics In Transit project with an original work about going geocaching in her hometown. Alison has shown […]

Kathleen Gros

KATHLEEN GROS Kathleen Gros is a cartoonist living in Vancouver, BC. She is the creator behind the graphic novel Jo: An Adaptation of Little Women (Sort Of) (HarperCollins 2020). Her other works include Last Night at Wyrmwood High (Cloudscape Comics, 2015), and Lunar Maladies (, ongoing). She graduated with a […]

Sean Karemaker

SEAN KAREMAKER Sean Karemaker is an artist living in Vancouver, BC. After a childhood obsession with reading and writing comics, he obtained a diploma in graphic design from Malaspina University-College in Nanaimo (2002) and began a career in 3D design for video games, while also doing freelance work in graphic […]

Jason Turner

JASON TURNER     Jason Turner is a Canadian comic book artist currently residing in Vancouver, BC. He has been self-publishing comics since the late 80s, and has been putting his comics on the internet since the late 90s. Jason co-wrote the True Loves trilogy with his wife Manien Bothma. More […]


JAM     Jam is best known for their webcomic Wasted Talent. They are a mechanical engineer from Vancouver and they love writing science fiction stories, weird experimental shorts, and other silly fun things.