Call For Submissions

Fresh Romance Looking for New Stories

fresh romance

The editors at Fresh Romance have announced on Twitter that they’re going to be really interested in looking at new stories in January and February, so if you have an idea to pitch for them, then now is a great time to send it their way. Fresh Romance is a digital romance comic magazine that explores a wide variety of romantic subgenres (everything from high school romance to science fiction) and relationships, appealing to a diverse readership. For more information, visit the Fresh Romance submission guidelines.


Room: Canadian Gothic submissions


Room is a Canadian literary journal by women and about women. They are currently taking submissions for their latest issue: Canadian Gothic. Their submissions deadline is January 31st. Click here to read the submission guidelines for this issue.

I have been in contact with Room and while they have only accepted short stories, poems, creative non-fiction, or art in the past, they are now accepting comics as part of the submissions. They are not limiting the number of pages for the comics, but the maximum word count is 3500 words (if there are words). I don’t know what their requirements for page sizes are, so I recommend you contact them to find out more details.

Student Looking to Commission Comic Pages for Short Film

A UBC student wants to commission some comic pages for a short film. It would be 4-5 comic book pages  (all in colour), each depicting a killing. They would be needed for mid January. If you are interested, contact Sharon at [email protected].

Call for Submissions: Gwan Comic Anthology


Forward Comix is an award-winning indie publisher dedicated to diversity and social consciousness. It has announced a call for submissions for the Gwan Anthology, a collection of creator-owned comics centered on the theme of foreign lands, the immigrant experience, and cultural fusion. The anthology will include stories expressing both the joys and challenges of immigrant/expat experience, and is open to all genres, including science fiction, fantasy, slice of life drama, and autobiography. Deadline for all submissions is March 15, 2016. For more information, view the Gwan press release.

Mark Millar Has Launched an Open Call for "Millarworld"


Mark Millar is a prominent comics writer known for his work with Marvel and DC, as well as for “Millarworld,” a group of creator-owned comics he has written for numerous companies – such titles as Kick-AssWanted, Kingsman, Starlight, and Chrononauts. Now he is putting out a call for submissions for his first “Millarworld annual.” Every year an anthology will come out featuring stories of his Millarworld characters, all written and drawn by previously unpublished new talent.

As Millar himself says: “Anyone who’s ever fancied a bash at writing or drawing comics is in luck because I want to lend you a hand. Going forward, I want to do a once-a-year event where prospective writers and artists get a chance to write or draw our Millarworld characters and get paid for the sheer joy of it. I’ve always been very precious about letting other people do my creations so this is quite unusual, but I really do believe that the only way we can thrive as an industry is if new talent gets a chance. Comics has been really good to me and I want to do what I can with my limited time to give budding creators a wee chance too if they’re maybe unsure where to start.”

For more information, go to Want a Break as a Comic-Book Writer or Artistat Millarworld. Deadline for all submissions is November 30th.

The 2015-2016 Top Cow Talent Hunt is Live! 2

Breaking into comics can be very difficult. For the last four years, Top Cow (creator of Witchblade and The Darkness) has run a Talent Hunt as an opportunity for artists and writers who have not yet been published by a large company to potentially showcase their stuff in a mainstream comic. A writer will submit a script for for a Top Cow one-shot (this year, the story must be set in the Aphrodite IX/Cyberforce universe), and an artist will draw any 8 sequential pages from 4 sample scripts provided. Top Cow will choose 2 winning writers, 2 winning artists, and 2 runner-ups in each category. The winners will be paid to have their stories appear their own one-shot comic while the runner-ups will get paid to create backup stories. The winners of all the previous Talent Hunts have already been published by Top Cow in various issues.

Though Top Cow’s Talent Hunt has been running for a few years already, this year there’s a big change. The first deadline is January 15th. If you submit by then, you’ll actually receive a paragraph of feedback from Top Cow by February 15th. Then you’ll have three months to adjust your work based on that feedback – with the final deadline being May 15th. You can find more on the Top Cow website at 2015-2016 Talent Hunt is LIVE.

YA Magazine Looking for Witch-Themed Stories and Articles

cicadaCicada is a YA lit/comics magazine (the older-audience version of Cricket). Cicada is currently looking for fiction, poetry, nonfic, satire, and comics on Witches. They want folk and fairy tale retellings, investigations of the witch in history, works on the everyday spellcraft of fashion, beauty, makeup, and the domestic (the hearth, the cauldron, the kitchen), and the spell cast by the arts. Feminist and, above all, intersectionally feminist works are especially welcome! Deadline is September 9, 2015. For more information, visit Cicada Call for Submissions.

"Jill Trent, Science Sleuth" is looking for story submissions

jill trent

Jill Trent, Science Sleuth is a new comic published by Superdames, a blog and publisher that highlights and celebrates female characters in comics. Their comic stars Jill Trent, a public domain comic book adventurer who used science to fight crime in the 1940s. Superdames is currently publishing an anthology comic series that reinvents Jill Trent and her mad science in a wide variety of ways and are accepting submissions for issue 3. Superdames is interested in both story pitches from writers and portfolios for review from artists and colorists.

Full information is at Superdames Submissions.