Hiring Letterer for Graphic Novel

Cloudscape Comics is looking to hire a letterer for our upcoming graphic novel Last Tide.

Last Tide is a fantasy story in the Isekai tradition. A Filipina fisher-woman finds herself trapped in a fantasy world where strange creatures, magic, and skill development trees are normal, and must solve the mysteries of an unfamiliar ocean to survive.

Project Details and Timeline

  • Full colour comic
  • Approximately 120 pages in length in entirety, of which the first 70 pages must be completed by June 2020
  • The project is paid work

Application Requirements

Please include the following when applying to the project:

  • Samples of your lettering work, either as a direct attachment to your email or as links to a portfolio or other examples
  • Samples containing diverse font usage and sound effects are preferred
  • As this is paying work, please also quote us any pre-established page rate you may have

Applications can be sent to jon@cloudscapecomics.com

Preference will be given to residents of BC.

About Cloudscape

The Cloudscape Comics Society is a non-profit comics organization based in British Columbia dedicated to publishing BC graphic novels and fostering a community where all comics creators can network with each other while developing their craft and continuing to push the boundaries of the comic book medium. As a far-reaching charity, Cloudscape has spearheaded comic book classes for the public, special events and talks on the medium, public artworks, and numerous other activities that engage the public with the fascinating world of comics.

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