Comic Battle

Comic Battle: Awkward Silence

Two artists submitted comics about Awkward Silence, our president Oliver McTavish-Wisden and frequent Comic Battle contributor Rayleigh Nickle. Vote for which one you like best!

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The deadline for all voting is Wednesday, October 28. That’s also the deadline for sending in all submissions for the next Comic Battle theme: Most Embarrassing Thanksgiving. Send all comics to [email protected]


Comic Battle: Evil Twins & Back to School

We haven’t received any Evil Twins submissions for Comics Battle, so are moving on to our next theme. In light of this being the beginning of September, the next Comic Battle theme is Back to School. Deadline for all submissions is September 16! However, if people still want to submit Evil Twins comics, we will accept them up to September 16 as well. As always, all submissions should be sent to [email protected]


Comic Battle: World's Weirdest Superheroes

The battle for “If Our Pets Could Only Speak” is over and the winner is Sydney More!

If Pets Could Talk
We only received one Comic Battle for the next one, “World’s Weirdest Superheroes,” so Kielamel Sibal wins by default!
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The rest of you need to step up your game for the next Comic Battle! Let’s see more submissions! The next theme is “Evil Twins.” Deadline for that one is September 2 (two weeks Wednesday). Send comics to [email protected]



One Week Left for "World's Weirdest Superheroes"

Just reminding everyone that’s there’s another week left to submit a comic for the next Comic Battle: “World’s Weirdest Superheroes,” as well as to vote for your favourite comic from our previous battle: “If Our Pets Could Only Speak.” Deadline is next Wednesday. I look forward to all your comics!


Comic Battle: If Our Pets Could Only Speak

This time around we have THREE contributions to the Comic Battle. Emily Lampson, Kielamel Sibal, and Sydney More all give their own opinions about “If our pets could only speak.”

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Vote on your favourite, deadline in two weeks on Wednesday, August 19. That’s also the deadline for submitting comics to our next Comic Battle: “World’s Weirdest Superheroes.” See you all then!

All comics should be submitted to Bevan Thomas at [email protected] Remember to put your name on your comic strip so anyone reading it can know who it’s by.