Comic Battle

Winner for Comic Battle: Awkward Silence

Voting for the “Awkward Silence” comic is over and the winner is Rayleigh Nickle. As we haven’t had any submissions for “Most Embarrassing Thanksgiving,” we’ll just jump to the next theme: “Halloween Aftermath.” Deadline for that is  November 9. Send all submissions to

Comic Battle: Worst Day of School

It’s a new month, and a new response to the Comic Battle.  There’s only one submission again (rest of you, step up your game!), so the winner is Rayleigh Nickle for a second time! Next topic will be “Uncomfortable Silence.” Deadline is October 14. Please send all submissions to

Comic Battle: Evil Twins & Back to School

We haven’t received any Evil Twins submissions for Comics Battle, so are moving on to our next theme. In light of this being the beginning of September, the next Comic Battle theme is Back to School. Deadline for all submissions is September 16! However, if people still want to submit Evil Twins comics, […]

Comic Battle: If Our Pets Could Only Speak

This time around we have THREE contributions to the Comic Battle. Emily Lampson, Kielamel Sibal, and Sydney More all give their own opinions about “If our pets could only speak.” [nggallery id=126] [poll id=”45″] Vote on your favourite, deadline in two weeks on Wednesday, August 19. That’s also the deadline for […]