Comic Battle

Comic Battle: Most Pointless Job Winner 1

Luke Southwell has won again! Here is his winning submission for “Most Pointless Job in the Universe.” As so far we have only received one comic for “It seemed like a good idea at the time,” we will push the deadline for all submissions on that theme to Wedenesday, July 22. […]

Comic Battle: Most Pointless Job in the Universe

Here are the two submissions for round two of the Comic Battle, submitted by Luke Southwell and Anat Rabkin, on the theme “most pointless job in the universe. Vote on which one you like the best! [nggallery id=125] [poll id=”44”] The theme for the next Comic Battle: “It seemed like a good […]

Comic Battle: Most Pointless Job in the Universe

We at Cloudscape would like to congratulate Luke Southwell for winning the first Comic Battle, Worst Part of Summer. We havne’t yet received any comics for this week’s Comic Battle, so we’re extending the deadline by a week. The theme is “Most Pointless Job in the Universe.” Remember to send all […]

Comic Battle Round 28: Luck of the Irish

Hey folks, guess what time it is? It’s Comic Battle time!! Oh man, it’s SO ON this time!! [nggallery id=33] [poll id=”22″] Cast your vote and ready your pens for the next topic: The Joke’s On You! As always, you’ve got two weeks; submissions are due Wednesday April 13th, 2011 by 4pm, […]

Comic Battle Round 27: Hockey Fight

Last time Comic Battle is late! I’ll pinky swear you on it. Unless my Internet’s taken out again, but should that happen I’ll draft someone else 😉 Only one entry from the last round again, but Mara Coman’s showing her Canadian pride and hockey support! [nggallery id=32] March is a […]

Comic Battle Round 26: Love Bug

Sorry it’s late, folks! Updating is hard when you have no internet connection. Research your local Internet service provider ;P Looks like no contest for this round either, so cheers to Ed Appleby! [nggallery id=31] Let’s get you guys riled up for the next topic: Hockey Fight! I won’t get […]