Comic Battle Round 26: Love Bug

Sorry it’s late, folks! Updating is hard when you have no internet connection. Research your local Internet service provider ;P Looks like no contest for this round either, so cheers to Ed Appleby!

[nggallery id=31]

Let’s get you guys riled up for the next topic:

Hockey Fight!

I won’t get much into Hockey Politics. At least, not in words! And if you haven’t heard yet, check this out:

Stan Lee and the NHL teamed-up to make “The Guardian Project”, where they turned our beloved hockey teams into superheroes. I don’t think I saw the Canucks in the 3D short, but I could have missed it. Though, he looks kinda like Batman so I suppose I can’t complain!

As always, you’ve got two weeks; submissions are due Wednesday March 2nd, 2011.

For rules and requirements on submitting to a comic battle, please read our page here.

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