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Allison Koberstein

ALLISON KOBERSTEIN     Allison is an exhibiting artist and illustrator. Her experimental multi-linear webcomic Flock was featured in Cloudscape’s art shows at the Cultch and Ayden Gallery, and she recently participated in the Comics In Transit project with an original work about going geocaching in her hometown. Alison has shown […]

Emily Lampson

EMILY LAMPSON Emily Lampson, also known as “Hellpug,” is a comic artist whose favourite subjects are horror and fantasy. She resides in Vancouver and gets hired to do illustrations. Currently drawing No Evil, the tale of three youths trying to survive after being attacked by an evil fairy.

Julian Lawrence

JULIAN LAWRENCE     Julian Lawrence is an award-winning artist and illustrator specializing in comic books. Born in England and raised bilingual English-French in Québec, his work has been published and displayed internationally by Fantagraphics Books, Les Editions des Plaines, Conundrum Press, National Film Board of Canada, Penguin Books, Cartoon Network […]

Camille Robertson

CAMILLE ROBERTSON     Camille Robertson is always working on written or illustrated works of her characters and their worlds. After delving into being a colourist for different projects, she enjoys collaborating with other artists to bring stories to life through light and colour. A lover of speculative fiction, Camille is […]

Kris Sayer

KRIS SAYER     Kris Sayer is an independent game developer, illustrator, graphic designer and comic warrior who wreaks havoc with sewing machines and swords. She has had work published by Cloudscape Comics, Gurukitty Studios, and Pulp Literature, and currently posts several comics stories on Weald Comics. Right now she’s working […]

Moses Cirulis

MOSES CIRULIS     Moses is a local animation graduate from Capilano University’s 2d Animation program in 2018, and a past exhibitor in Canzine and Vancaf.  She currently handles all of the writing and art duties on her latest webcomic, a science fantasy adventure series called Ohmworld, and also does freelance artwork and […]

Anat Rabkin

ANAT “LUNARBLADE” RABKIN     Anat Rabkin is a local aspiring webcomic artist and constant dreamer. Creating tales of adventure and philosophy, she’s been telling her story for over 3 years now. As an 8-year veteran of the Vancouver games and film industry, she approaches comics in a pragmatic way, and […]

Bevan Thomas

BEVAN THOMAS     Bevan is heavily involved in Cloudscape on numerous levels, previously serving as the Media Manager and as a frequent editor and writer for various books. Most prominently, he spearheads the Epic Canadiana series of Canadian superhero anthologies. Outside of Cloudscape, Bevan’s comics have also been published in […]