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Word Vancouver: September 19 – 24

September 19-24 is Word Vancouver, Western Canada’s largest celebration of literacy and reading. Held at various venues throughout the city, this festival promotes books and authors with free exhibits, performances, and hands-on activities for a wide range of ages and interests. Along with numerous other creators and organizations, we at Cloudscape will be exhibiting for Word Vancouver. In addition, there will be various comic related-events on Sunday the 24th in the Alma VanDusen Room of the Vancouver Public Library, including:

  • Vancouver Comics History (2:40 PM): Cloudscape contributors Bevan Thomas, Colin Upton, and Jonathon Dalton will discuss the history of comics art in Vancouver, starting from local publishers in the 1940s to the indie comics scene and Vancouver comics as they are today.
  • Neil the Horse (3:50): Canadian cartoonist Katherine Collins discusses her award-winning comic Neil the Horse, the world’s only musical comic book. Neil the Horse appeared in Canadian newspapers from 1975-1982, and subsequently starred in fifteen comic books, from 1983–88. Katherine was inducted into the Giants of the North, Canadian Cartooning Hall of Fame at the 2017 Doug Wright Awards.
  •  Miriam Libicki (4:30): The first cartoonist to become the Vancouver Public Library’s writer-in-residence. Miriam discusses her work, including Toward a Hot Jew, which was named a top ten graphic novel of 2016 by Forbes magazine. Miriam’s comics are based on nonfiction and documentary techniques, such as interviews and photo reference, and also deal with themes of identity and culture clash.

For more information, check out Word Vancouver.


VPL Cartoonist-in-Residence Launch on Thursday

As many of you know, Jewish-Canadian cartoonist Miriam Libicki is the Vancouver Public Library’s first cartoonist-in-residence. This Thursday from 7:00-8:30m, Miriam will be at the library’s central branch with a slideshow and interactive drawing night to launch her new residency. She’ll be talking about her career, her current project, and why she’s obsessed with exploring identity through comics. There will also be some comic jams and stereotype-threat self-portraits, and she’ll be selling her own graphic novels.

For more information, visit the VPL Cartoonist-in-Residence Launch Facebook event.


Miriam Libicki interviewed by CBC

Today is Miriam Libicki’s first day on the job as the Vancouver Public Library’s comic-focused writer-in-residence. She was interviewed by CBC’s On the Coast and featured in an online article  where she describes her comics and what she wants to do as writer-in-residence.

“Comics are a very accessible form of literature,” Miriam said. “We are only just realizing in North America that comics are a medium that can tell any sort of story through words and pictures, and not just superhero stories.”

She will be writer-in-residence at the library until mid-December and split her time between creating comics and running mentorship workshops. Miriam will be teaching a variety of classes, including such as memoir-writing for adults, drawing for teens, and advice on breaking into the industry.

For more information, read “First Graphic Novelist Named Writer-in-Residence at Vancouver Public Library.


Comic artist Miriam Libicki is Vancouver Public Library’s new writer in residence

Graphic novelist and Cloudscape contributor Miriam Libicki has been named the Vancouver Public Library’s 2017 writer in residence. Miriam is the creator of jobnik!, an autobiographical comic series that recounts her service in the Israeli army and Toward a Hot Jew – her collection of graphic essays exploring what it means to be Jewish – was named one of 2016’s top 10 graphic novels by Forbes.

“I’m thrilled to be taking on this new role and creating opportunities for more people to discover the world of graphic novels,” says Libicki. “This is a great way to mentor writers who may not currently be part of the comics community, and encourage those who have family stories or burning passions to share – to tell those stories through images.”

VPL’s writer in residence program was created in 2005 and is in its 13th year promoting Canadian writing and literature to Vancouverites. This year’s focus is graphic novels, and Miriam is an excellent choice to help direct that focus.

She will lead a lively and interactive evening to kick off her residency on Thursday, Sept. 14, at the central branch downtown (7 p.m.). For more information, check out the VPL’s Writer in Residence announcement.


Bio/Graphic: Art Exhibition on Autobiographical Comics

From October 9 to November 16, the Seymour Art Gallery in North Vancouver will have an exhibition on BC autobiographical comics, featuring such Cloudscape contributors as Colin Upton, Sean Karemaker, and Miriam Libicki. On October 20, the exhibition will feature a panel discussion from 2-3 PM and a reception from 3-4:30.

Autobiography in Comics


Intro to Graphic Memoir, Tuesday nights this fall!

Miriam Libicki is running a comics course this fall! You should all consider taking it.

From Maus to Persepolis to Blankets, memoirs in graphic novel form are among the most powerful stories being told today. This course offers practical and wide-ranging techniques for translating your life experiences into sequential art. Classroom writing and drawing exercises, as well as take-home assignments, help you develop a creative process from brainstorm to script to layouts and inking. These projects, along with group and individual critiques, will guide you towards effective storytelling in creating an original graphic memoir.

Based on Libicki’s own techniques, as well as strategies from Lynda Barry, Eddie Campbell, Scott McCloud, Jessica Abel and Matt Madden, this intensive yet laid-back course is open to students of all skill and knowledge levels. The underground-comix veteran and the person who hasn’t read books with pictures since childhood, the writer who likes to doodle and the visual artist who writes bits of text in the margins of her drawings, will all find something new and inspiring here, as well as a supportive and diverse critique group that has a habit of lasting longer than the six-week course.

for more information, go here or email [email protected]


Miriam Libicki’s Comic course still taking registration

Miriam Libicki is still taking registration for her comic book course!

This was the best class (of many) I’ve taken at ECUAD. Libicki was well-organized and inspiring. She had just the right combination for an art instructor. I would DEFINITELY take another class with her.

[Libicki] is great! Knowledgeable and friendly. She was a great sounding board for ideas and very supportive and encouraging.

Fantastic course. Learned much, and it was fun and challenging too. The instructor is very competent and is a fantastic resource for info and critique.

This course was excellent in every way.

to register, visit http://www.ecuad.ca/programs/courses/CEGN/170/SU01 WITHOUT DELAY!