TCAF 2016

Come grab the latest Cloudscape books from Steve LeCouilliard, Kathleen Gros and the rest of the Cloudscape crew at Q2 and Q3 this weekend at the Toronto reference library!

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“Una the Blade” ebook sale ends April 1st!

una the blade

Our latest graphic novel is Una the Blade, a tale of swords & sorcery in a dying Earth, where a single-mother barbarian struggles to defend her children from a world gone mad. It is written by Steve LeCouilliard and illustrated by a wide variety of artists, including such BC illuminaries as Simon Roy (Prophet, Tiger Lung) and Renee Nault (graphic novel adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale). The ebook version is currently on sale at Gumroad for $3.95, but that ends at the end of this month, when it will increase to its regular price of $9.95. So if you want to pick up this terrific fantasy graphic novel at a great bargain, make sure you do for the end of the month. Check out the Una the Blade page on the official Cloudscape store for more.

New graphic novel drawn by local artist

DavidLocal comic book artist Jason Harris has partnered with writer Skip McRobert to produce the new graphic novel David the Survivor.

“For centuries, ancient unseen forces have been speaking to hermits and outcasts. And in the modern epoch, hermits and outcasts watch TV. Amy and David don’t know each other, but they share a secret. For each, their lover is their TV. When David’s dies and Amy is forced by false friends to abandon hers, powers are unleashed that will open the two to a strange New World of Mysticism, Vital Forces and Obscure Missions From Beyond.”

To learn more, check-out David the Survivor 1: No TV Left Behind.

Launch Party for Steve LeCouilliard’s “Una the Blade”

una the blade

We at Cloudscape are excited to announce the book launch of Una the Blade by Steve Le Couilliard, a swords & sorcery graphic novel of a barbarian single mom struggling to protect her children in a world gone mad.

Cloudscape will be celebrating the Una book launch on:

Saturday, March 19, 2016
2:00-5:00 PM
Storm Crow Tavern
1305 Commercial Dr, Vancouver

The event is free and everyone is welcome. Steve will be there selling and signing copies of Una as well as limited edition postcards and original art. Also attending the launch will be numerous other prominent local comic creators, including many Cloudscape members. Visitors will be able to purchase food and drink from the tavern, the Storm Crow’s unique fantasy & sci-fi atmosphere, and hobnob with a wide selection of Vancouver’s diverse comics community. Sign-up to the event’s Facebook page at the Una the Blade Book Launch.

Una the Blade is a dying-earth fantasy adventure in the style of such classic authors as Jack Vance and Clark Ashton Smith. It is the long-gestating brainchild of Steve LeCouilliard, creator of the Xeric Grant-winning Much the Miller’s Son, co-creator and artist of Dreadful Sirens with writer Karla Pacheco, and a 12-year veteran of the animation industry. He is joined in Una by a parade of comic artist greats: Simon Roy, Katie Shanahan, Tess Fowler, Renee Nault, Chris Johnston, Michael Stearns, Claudia Aguirre, and Sloane Leong.

Cloudscape has a new treasurer

Sadly, Cloudscape’s treasurer, Jonathon Dalton, has stepped down. He has been extensively involved with Cloudscape since the very beginning, serving as the organization’s first vice-president and then treasurer. However, he is an insanely busy guy, so has had to step down from the board. He will be missed.

However, we are very excited to announce our new treasurer, Anat Rabkin. She is a dedicated webcartoonist and accountant, and we are sure she’ll be a great addition to the Cloudscape board of directors. Welcome aboard, Anat!

New Website!

Hey everyone! You may have noticed the downed website over the last couple of weeks, and this brand new, shiny one that replaced it! It still has some bugs which we are working hard to fix. Thank-you all for your patience thus far!

Friendly reminder – if you are a Cloudscape Member or a Contributor to one of our anthologies, and you haven’t sent in your Artist Bio or Comic Info, you can review the requirements here. Please send your information to your friendly webmaster, me!

Revised Artist Bios Needed for New Cloudscape Website

Attention, all Cloudscape members! The website is going to be dramatically revised and part of that will be new profiles for our artists and their webcomics. If you are a Cloudscape member (having been to at least three of our meetings and/or been featured in at least one of our anthologies), then submit your revised bio and webcomic info to our webmaster Jade McGilvray at [email protected] The info should follow the guidelines below:

Artist Bio

  1. Image height 300px, width 150px, 72dpi
  2. Name of artist
  3. Main website or contact link
  4. Up to 3 social media/other related links
  5. Status (can include 0-4 of these options)
    -Mentor (if you are willing to mentor aspiring artists)
    -Commissionable (if you take commissions)
    -Teacher (if you are willing to teach classes)
    -Contributor (to Cloudscape anthologies)
  6. Bio description of Artist, 600 characters MAX (including spaces)

Webcomic Info

  1. Title you want displayed
  2. Author(s) name(s) you want displayed
  3. One link to a personal webpage/contact (contact page, portfolio, email address, etc)
  4. Synopsis of the comic, 150 characters MAX (including spaces)
  5. Website URL of your comic (preferably the homepage or first page of their comic)
  6. An image that represents the comic that is exactly 200 x 200px, 72dpi
  7. Status (1 of the following):
    -On Hiatus

Cloudscape Under Construction

Cloudscape HQ is under construction

Hello, everyone. Just a quick emergency announcement to let you all know that Cloudscape HQ is going to undergo some renovations this week so our building will be closed until Friday evening. All events and open studio times are cancelled for this week. That includes this Wednesday’s meetup at the HQ. But fear not, we will still be having the meeting. It will be a throw-back to the good ol’ days of Cloudscape, 7:30 pm at the Grind Cafe (our old meetup location), 4124 Main St.

Hope to see you all there, and sorry for the inconvenience.



Second batch of "Comics in Transit" spotted all over town

Comics in Transit

Comics by Angela Melick, Alison Koberstein, and Edison Yan

The second batch of “Comics in Transit” comics have been spotted all over town. They’ll only be here until November 15th so make sure you get a good look at them before they’re gone. Here is a Google map of “Comics in Transit” comics to help. Go check them out!