Jayleen Weaver

Epic Canadiana #2 Kickstarter Has Begun!

The Kickstarter fundraiser for Epic Canadiana #2, Cloudscape’s second anthology of Canadian superheroes, has begun!

Epic Canadiana #2 features 17 stories (over 200 pages!) dedicated to exploring numerous flavours of superheroism within Canada. EPIC CANADIANA #2 is a black & white anthology featuring awesome comics written and drawn by creators from all over Canada, with 17 stories (over 200 pages!). It features a truly diverse collection of heroes – some of them pastiches of classic 40s characters and others totally new. There are arctic demigods and social activists, restless spirits and bison-riding vigilantes. Canada is a tapestry of great diversity, and we have striven to represent them in our anthology with heroes of various genders, ethnicities, and perspectives, including aboriginal and immigrant champions, a character coping with autism, a gay rights activist, a conflicted colonial soldier, and many more. And carefully studying all of them is Department None, a hidden branch of the Canadian government dedicated to keeping track of all superhumans… and dealing with them if necessary.

The anthology features comics by Edison Yan (Scribblenauts), Craig Wilson (Graphic Classics), Colin Upton (Self-Indulgent Minicomics), Julian Lawrence (Drippytown), Eric Johnson (The Graphic Canon Vol. 1), and D. M. Higgins (Superdames, Jill Trent: Science Sleuth); as well as previous Clousdscape contributors Bevan Thomas, Kris Sayer, Jordan Stasuk, Jason Wilkins, Ksenia Kozhevnikova, Jayleen Weaver, Jeri Weaver, Matthew Klippenstein, Ian Thomas, Shevon Singh, Micah Iwaasa, Kate Ebensteiner, and Jeff Ellis; and newcomers Nevin Arnold, Dino Caruso, George Athanasiou, Nelson de Rocha, Alex Greychuck, Manoj Kumar, Kyle Roberts, Liam Rodgers, and John Ward.

Visit the Epic Canadiana Kickstarter page to buy a copy of the anthology as well as other Cloudscape classics!


"Ghost Tales" Anthology

Gurukitty Studios recently published Ghost Tales, a “haunting collection of ghost stories submitted by comic artists from all over the world.” It has a wide variety of tales that range from the humorous to the horrifying, and includes stories by Cloudscape members. “Revenge of the Ghost Spider” by Reetta Linjama is a comedic tale of a spider’s phantom that haunts the man who squashed him. “Bewitching BC: Ghosts in the Capital,” written by Bevan Thomas and illustrated by Jayleen Weaver and Donut, explores the various ghost stories and urban legends found in the city of Victoria. Visit the Gurukitty Store to purchase your own copy of Ghost Tales.


Name Game: Ghost Rider

by Bevan Thomas

We return again to the Name Game, where classic old comic book names are attached to totally new characters. I’ve always been a huge fan of Marvel Comics’ Ghost Rider, specifically the Johnny Blaze version. The later nicer nineties one I could take or leave, but there was a lot to be said for the original Ghost Rider’s sadistic delight in burning the souls of his enemies. That said, I’m also a really big fan of spiritualism, Voodoo, shamanism, etc., and their concept of channelling where you can get yourself “ridden” by a spirit.  So I decided to go that direction here, and fortunately found an artist who’s for it who’s a big fan of ghosts as well. Jayleen Weaver is actually working with her twin sister to compile an anthology of ghost story comics that I’m involved with.

Anyway, here’s Ghost Rider.


Ghost Rider

image by Jayleen Weaver

Real Name: Roxanne “Roxie” Simpson

Aliases: Shaman, Wendigo

Occupation: Shaman and medium, former temp

Group Affiliation: Ghost Rider & Nightmare, Sentinels of Liberty

Roxanne “Roxie” Simpson thought she was just a regular young woman with a BA in comparative religions, a temp job, and no real career prospects or direction in her life. Then, one day her boss died of a heart attack at work and suddenly his soul was howling in her mind!

Roxie ran screaming from the building, never to return.

A few months later, the Sentinels of Liberty were battling the Ex-Man known as Abomination. To increase its mass and power, the Abomination had been absorbing numerous panhandlers into its body, though finally one proved far more than to be expected. A vagrant whose mind, over the last few months, had become a screaming parliament of spirits. It was far, far too much for the Abomination to handle and with a scream, the monster collapsed into unconsciousness.