Save the Rio Theatre!

The Rio Theatre needs your help! Recent zoning changes have attracted the attention of developers who want to buy the Rio and tear it down for a new development project that would leave a big cavernous hole on the corner of Commercial and Broadway for years, and there is only one way to stop them: the Rio needs to buy the building. To do that, they  need to raise a $3 million down payment, which they hope to with $1 million from donors plus $2 million from private investors.

The Rio Theatre is one of the last remaining indie theatres in Vancouver. It is an award-winning live performance venue/single-screen cinema that has become a centre for indie performance arts in Vancouver. If you want to help support the Rio Theatre, visit the Save the Rio Theatre Indiegogo page and help spread the word. There’s  a lot of great perks to buy on their page, such as Rio year-passes, tickets, and various goodies donated by local businesses. More importantly, you’d be doing your part to keeping alive such a pivotal part of Vancouver’s art scene.


Indiegogo Fundraiser for Camosun Comic Arts Festival

Once again, Camosun College’s Comics & Graphic Novels program is seeking to host the Camosun Comic Arts Festival, a celebration of the artistic, literary, and cultural impact of comics & graphic novels. To help finance this festival, they’ve set-up an Indiegogo fundraiser where you can buy comics created by Camosun alumni and other prominent Victoria comic artists.

The plan is to hold the Camosun Comic Arts Festival on April 11th at Camosun College in Victoria, BC free of charge in a similar fashion to Toronto’s TCAF and Vancouver’s VanCAF. There will be panels, workshops, comics jams, a superhero life-drawing class, and much more. Students and alumni will present and sell their published work, original art, and sketches alongside a wide variety of pros in the artists alley. Cloudscape attended the first CCAF and we intend to attend this one as well. Please stop by the fundraiser to help make this happen!


Window Horses: animated movie by Vancouver cartoonist Ann Marie Fleming

Local cartoonist and filmmaker Ann Marie Fleming is making an animated film, Window Horses, about a young Canadian poet of mixed descent who festivals a festival in Iran. There she is confronted with the many truths about the Iranian father she thought abandoned her as a young child. Sandra Oh, best known for her role as Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy, will be the voice of Rosie; Sandra was so taken by the project that she also came on as a producer. To learn more, visit the Window Horses website.

To help support the film and get various fun perks, stop by the Window Horses Indiegogo fundraiser.


Fundraising for Giants

Giants of Main Street, Cloudscape’s sixth anthology, is almost ready to go to press, and so we are currently raising funds to pay for the book’s printing.  If you wish to help support our latest anthology, then you can do so by either by donating money directly to Cloudscape (handing it to Jeff Ellis, Jonathon Dalton, or Christine Vivier) or by purchasing books and art created by various Cloudscape members. Various Cloudscape creations can be bought from the Cloudscape Shop at Etsy as well as from Cloudscape’s IndieGoGo campaign. For discerning connoisseurs of independent comics, libraries of previous Cloudscape books and the contributors’ own artistic pursuits can also be purchased at Indigogo.

Do your part for the Giants cause!