Indiegogo Fundraiser for Camosun Comic Arts Festival

Once again, Camosun College’s Comics & Graphic Novels program is seeking to host the Camosun Comic Arts Festival, a celebration of the artistic, literary, and cultural impact of comics & graphic novels. To help finance this festival, they’ve set-up an Indiegogo fundraiser where you can buy comics created by Camosun alumni and other prominent Victoria comic artists.

The plan is to hold the Camosun Comic Arts Festival on April 11th at Camosun College in Victoria, BC free of charge in a similar fashion to Toronto’s TCAF and Vancouver’s VanCAF. There will be panels, workshops, comics jams, a superhero life-drawing class, and much more. Students and alumni will present and sell their published work, original art, and sketches alongside a wide variety of pros in the artists alley. Cloudscape attended the first CCAF and we intend to attend this one as well. Please stop by the fundraiser to help make this happen!

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