Local Haunts: Strange Stories from Our Hometowns

Call for submission for a new comics anthology. Local Haunts will focus on obscure creepy stories from the cartoonists’ own community: “ghost, cryptid, and spooky stories from hometowns around the world. A ghostly figure that haunts the town’s oldest graveyard, the house everyone knows to avoid, the trails no one takes after dark… we want the stories no one outside your hometown really knows about, but should.”

Do you know of a good local ghost or monster story that you think more people should know about? Then visit the Local Haunts website for more information and check out @localhauntsbook on Twitter. Deadline for all pitch submissions is September 25.


Gothic Romance Anthology Seeking Stories of Love & Horror

gothic-talesHope Nicholson, comic historian and publisher of Bedside Press, has announced a call for submissions for Gothic Tales of Haunted Love, an anthology of new gothic romance comic stories:

“Stories should take into account the style and feel of the 1970s gothic romance comic genre. This is a genre where happy endings are not guaranteed, where romance can be beautiful, heartbreaking, or horrific. All eras and settings are welcome, they don’t need to be stuck in the Victorian era, and originality and creativity here is encouraged. Horror elements are allowed. For more information on this genre, read posts on Sequential Crush here.”

The following creators are currently attached to the project:

  • Cecil Castellucci & Willow Dawson
  • ALB
  • Sarah Searle
  • Melanie Gillman
  • Nicholas Burns
  • Leslie Doyle
  • Rahzzah
  • Katie West & Ray Fawkes
  • Janet Hetherington & Ronn Sutton
  • Xavière Daumarie

Submission periods will be open until February 1, 2017, and the comics will pay a $50 page rate. For more information, visit Gothic Tales of Haunted Love.



Call for Submissions: Bones of the Coast 1

pacific northwest

Cloudscape’s newest anthology, Bones of the Coast, is looking for submissions! Edited by Cloudscape’s very own Jeff Ellis, Shannon Campbell, and Kathleen Jacques, Bones of the Coast is a collection of horror inspired by the Pacific Northwest. We’re looking for story pitches that focus on isolation and spine-tingling eeriness, whether it lurks in cold pebbled coves, between skeletal spruces, or atop ancient mountains. This anthology of bone-chilling horror will feature work from such collaborative teams as Sfé R. Monster & Evan Dahm, Sam Logan & Kris Straub, and Emily Partridge & KC Green.

Pitches must feature at least ONE British Columbian collaborator; stories can be anywhere from 1-13 pages and will be in full, horrifying colour.

Head on over to bonesofthecoast.tumblr.com to learn more about the anthology, check out the submission guidelines, and submit your pitch!  Deadline is August 15th!


Local comic book ghost story anthology looking for submissions

Call for Submissions

Gurukitty Studios is currently accepting submissions for a comic anthology. Submissions are open to everyone with any style of comic art. This is a great chance for people who have works they would like published but don’t have the means or volume to produce it themselves. Gurukitty Studios has also been working on comics for many years and we have made a place for ourselves in the comics community. The anthology will be sold at conventions we attend and through our online shop. This will also give the artist an opportunity to have a book containing their work for them to sell as well.

The theme is Ghost Tales
Any stories about haunting, ghosts, nightmares and horrors are welcome. It is an open theme so not all comics have to be scary, friendly ghosts and humorous comics are welcome, as long as they fit in the theme of ghosts, the rest is up to your imagination and talents.

We will be choosing 10-15 stories to include in the anthology to publish as a black and white graphic novel with colour cover.

Artists accepted for inclusion in the anthology will receive 2 free copies of the anthology as soon as it is published as well as the ability to purchase further issues at cost for resale.

Deadline is August 15th, 2011 for submissions. If you are still working on a comic and you are unable to finish the complete submission before the deadline, please contact us for further arrangements. If your comic is selected some additional time may be allotted.

Additional notes: This anthology is going to be 5.5″X7.75″, perfect bound, in black and white with a full colour cover. Teams or partnerships are welcome to submit but only 2 free issues will be alloted per comic submission. You may submit as many comics as you like but only be featured once.
Because we require you to sign a contract, you must be either over 18 years old, or have a legal guardian sign the contract if your submission is accepted.

For more information, visit Gurukitty Studios