Una the Blade Returns!

You will remember the daring woman warrior – mother – of -two from her appearance in our anthology “Funday Sunnies“, and now member and contributor Steve LeCouilliard is taking Una the Blade to her next project. LeCouilliard is currently posting a plethora of concept and design work on his Una the Blade Tumblr for reactions and feedback, and it’s just getting better and better.

So what’s in store for Una? “In order to keep up some momentum on this project, I want to try posting one item a day.” LeCouilliard says on his tumblr account. Eventually Una the Blade will be collected into an eBook that will be available for download by donation. How often? We’re not sure yet, but we’ll be posting when we do!

So, why not a webcomic? “I have a webcomic already, for which I won a prestigious Xeric Grant.” LeCouilliard explains, “It’s called Much the Miller’s Son and it’s a comedy about Robin Hood’s least Merry Man.” He goes on to explain that he has two reasons for not wanting to post Una as a webcomic: the ill fit of the “page at a time” updates to the story and the monetary black hole that webcomics can become. We’re excited by the donation eBook structure, which is common with indie music and video, but hasn’t really broken into comics. Each reader can pay what they see as fair, or what they can afford, and the artist gets conpensated for his time and hard work.

If you’d like to see Una’s first appearance, you can pick up a copy of Funday Sunnies in our online store.


Interview with Jeff Ellis in the Fabler

With the release of the 21 Journeys and Exploded View ebooks, the Fabler blog spent some time with President Jeff Ellis asking about the production of 21 Journeys. In particular there is a small discussion on using IndieGoGo as a fundraising platform and our experiences with the service.

Kevin D:Do you feel like sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter can be game-changers for indie comic creators looking to put together anthologies?

Jeff Ellis: Absolutely. We’re not the only group that’s finding that if you show people what you’re going to do and ask for the money up front, people are willing to contribute. There are so many recent examples of people setting up an account on one of those sites and doing something that they wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

It’s funny, I had a friend sort of criticize me for using IndieGoGo, and his logic was, ‘well you have a website, and you have paypal – why don’t you do it yourself?’ I think people don’t trust to send their money to an individual. But then sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter add a bit more legitimacy to it. It makes people feel like they can trust where their money is going, and that really impacts fundraising for creative projects in a positive way.

If you want to read the whole article, it’s available here.


Cloudscape Goes Digital! 1

Attention fans! If you wanted to read a Cloudscape book but haven’t gotten your hands on a print copy, well today is your lucky day! We re proud to offer immediate downloads of our last two books ‘Exploded View’ and ’21 Journeys’ on this very site. Buy yours today!

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