Una the Blade Returns!

You will remember the daring woman warrior – mother – of -two from her appearance in our anthology “Funday Sunnies“, and now member and contributor Steve LeCouilliard is taking Una the Blade to her next project. LeCouilliard is currently posting a plethora of concept and design work on his Una the Blade Tumblr for reactions and feedback, and it’s just getting better and better.

So what’s in store for Una? “In order to keep up some momentum on this project, I want to try posting one item a day.” LeCouilliard says on his tumblr account. Eventually Una the Blade will be collected into an eBook that will be available for download by donation. How often? We’re not sure yet, but we’ll be posting when we do!

So, why not a webcomic? “I have a webcomic already, for which I won a prestigious Xeric Grant.” LeCouilliard explains, “It’s called Much the Miller’s Son and it’s a comedy about Robin Hood’s least Merry Man.” He goes on to explain that he has two reasons for not wanting to post Una as a webcomic: the ill fit of the “page at a time” updates to the story and the monetary black hole that webcomics can become. We’re excited by the donation eBook structure, which is common with indie music and video, but hasn’t really broken into comics. Each reader can pay what they see as fair, or what they can afford, and the artist gets conpensated for his time and hard work.

If you’d like to see Una’s first appearance, you can pick up a copy of Funday Sunnies in our online store.

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