Comic Battle

Comic Battle: World's Weirdest Superheroes

The battle for “If Our Pets Could Only Speak” is over and the winner is Sydney More!

If Pets Could Talk
We only received one Comic Battle for the next one, “World’s Weirdest Superheroes,” so Kielamel Sibal wins by default!
comic battle 5

The rest of you need to step up your game for the next Comic Battle! Let’s see more submissions! The next theme is “Evil Twins.” Deadline for that one is September 2 (two weeks Wednesday). Send comics to [email protected]



Comic Battle: If Our Pets Could Only Speak

This time around we have THREE contributions to the Comic Battle. Emily Lampson, Kielamel Sibal, and Sydney More all give their own opinions about “If our pets could only speak.”

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Vote on your favourite, deadline in two weeks on Wednesday, August 19. That’s also the deadline for submitting comics to our next Comic Battle: “World’s Weirdest Superheroes.” See you all then!

All comics should be submitted to Bevan Thomas at [email protected] Remember to put your name on your comic strip so anyone reading it can know who it’s by.


Comic Battle: It seemed like a good idea at the time

Because we only had one submission for “It seemed like a good idea at the time,” it wins by default. Congratulations to Luke Southwell yet again!

Seemed Like A Good Idea - Luke Southwell

So far Luke has won every single one! If you’d like to try and break his winning streak, I suggest you submit something to the next Comic Battle. Its theme will be “if our pets could only speak” and the deadline will be in two weeks, on August 5. I look forward to your submissions!



Comic Battle: Most Pointless Job in the Universe

Here are the two submissions for round two of the Comic Battle, submitted by Luke Southwell and Anat Rabkin, on the theme “most pointless job in the universe. Vote on which one you like the best!

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The theme for the next Comic Battle: “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” Send all submissions to [email protected]. The deadline for all submissions is next Wednesday evening (July 15). That’s also when the poll closes.

I look forward to all your submissions!


Comic Battle: Worst Part of Summer 1

We have two submissions for the first installment of our revived Comics Battle. Vote on which one you like the best!

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The theme for the next Comic Battle: “Most Pointless Job in the Universe.” Send all submissions to [email protected]. The deadline for all submissions is 7:30 next Wednesday (July 1). That’s also when the poll closes.

I look forward to all your submissions!




Cloudscape Comic Battle Returns!

Cloudscape Comic Battle

Cloudscape is very excited to announce a revival of our classic blog event: Comic Battle! Every week, on Wednesday evening, we will announce a new comic theme on the Cloudscape blog; this theme might be a word, a phrase, a sentence, anything that we think could be good inspiration for a comic. Then, we will give people one week to create a comic strip around that theme. Once all the comics are in, they’ll be all posted on our blog, and everyone will have a week to vote on which one they like best. This will continue every week, so generally each Wednesday a new theme will be revealed, the comics from the previous week will be displayed, and the winner from the week before that will be announced.

And now, here is the first week’s comic theme. All comics are due by 7:30 on Wednesday, June 24:
“Worst part about summer.”

Comic Battle Rules

  • Anyone may enter, even if they are not regular attendees at Cloudscape meetings
  • Original work only
  • Content can be anything, though should restrict itself to a PG rating or lower.
  • Words are optional in the comic and it may be as long or as short as you like – however, it must have at least two panels. A single panel isn’t a comic; it’s just a picture.
  • Files should be at most 900×1800 pixels, web-ready jpg or png
  • All comics should be sent to Bevan Thomas at [email protected].

Good luck! I look forward to reading all your submissions!


Comic Battle Round 30: Electric Chair

The battle is SO ON. Look at all these entries!
Normally, the single panels and illustrations don’t count… but I’m totally stoked about the participation count from Free Comic Book Day. So I’ll let it slide, just this once… any future one panels and illustrations will be disqualified ;P

Did you get your free comics on comic book day? 😀

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Ready your pens for the next topic:

Sporks and Foons

As always, you’ve got two weeks; submissions are due Wednesday May 25th, 2011 by 4pm, PST.

For rules and requirements on submitting to a comic battle, please read our page here.