Chloe Chan

Cloudscape at Jet City and Word Under the Street this weekend!

Cloudscape will be making two appearances this weekend, beginning with Jet City Comicon in Seattle this Saturday the 25th, and we’ll be following up with Word Under the Street at the Vancouver Public Library Downtown this Sunday the 26th.

A map for our location at Jet City is below. We will beside friend and fellow Cloudscaper; Jonathon Dalton and Wei Li of Epidigm Studios. Not far away will also be Contributor Chloe Chan and the amazingly talented Wai, and friends of Cloudscape Real Gone Girl Studios/Jobnik.


Cloudscape Article in the Fabler

Cloudscape has been featured in an article this week on the comics blog at the Fabler. In this article, Cloudscape President Jeff Ellis discusses the creation of our collective, some of our early experiences and tips for starting a comics group.

Feel free to check out the article here.

"Five in Love," a short story in Exploded View by Chloe Chan

The Fabler is a webcomic portal that uniquely uses social networking to support comic arts.  Featuring a print on demand feature for creators to connect with their online audience, the Fabler is a haven for independent and small press comics.


New Comics Wednesday Event!

Still haven’t got your copy of Exploded View yet!? Well if you missed us at the launch on Saturday, and didn’t get down to the Hollywood North Entertainment Expo on Sunday, you still have one more chance to get an autographed copy.

This Wednesday, March 10th, is Cloudscape Comics New Comics Wednesday Event! Our official release in stores locally! Come on down to your local store and check it out! There will be artists on hand sketching and signing, as well as special book promotions! Below is a complete list of where we’ll be and who will be there:

RX Comics – John Christmas
Lucky’s – Cat Tang, Jason Harris
Golden Age – Chris Leinonen, Wei Li (day), Jeff Ellis, Angela Melick (evening)
The Comic Shop – Jonathon Dalton, Colin Upton
Elfsar – Toren Atkinson, Paul Soeiro (day), Kevin Forbes (evening)
Big Pete’s – Megan Furesz, Chloe Chan


The Official Exploded View Roster 1

Here are the amazing artists who will be contributing stories to Exploded View!

Colin Upton
John Christmas
Colleen MacIssac
Scot Ritchie
Kevin Forbes
Christopher Leinonen
Scott Ritchings
Angela Melick
Jeff Ellis
Toren Atkinson
Jonathon Dalton
Aaron Bouthillier
Megan Furesz
Wei Li
Chloe Chan
Lou Ford
Paul Soeiro
Eric Zawadzki
Jordyn Bochon
Curt Steckhan
Edison Yan
Cat Tang
Jason Harris