This Week in Comics – Two new Kickstarters from Cloudscape Members

“This Week in Comics” is a new, (hopefully) weekly segment where we showcase interesting and relevant comics news with an emphasis on local creators.

This past week, two new Kickstarters were launched by Cloudscape members.

The first Kickstarter, Rise of the White Phoenix by Lisa Lindsay LaRose is a comic about a young girl named Luisa who wants to become a Luchadora: a Mexican wrestler. Luisa has been keeping her fighting a secret from her father, who does not approve, but he’s been keeping secrets too…

The Kickstarter is running until April 4th.

The second Kickstarter, Band Vs. Band by Kathleen Jacques is about two clashing musicians: wholesome do-gooder Honey Hart with her band The Candy Hearts, and bad-girl troublemaker Turpentine with her dirty noisy band The Sourballs. The gals start as enemies and rivals with a secret attraction to each other, but gradually fall in love. It’s fun, queer, and retro-inspired, with a distinctive visual style.

The Kickstarter is running until March 20th.

Active Webcomics

The following are active webcomics by local comics creators
with updates that have come out since the last post:

Phobos and Deimos by Jonathon Dalton

HalfSoul by Kelly Chen

Coffee O’Clock by Sprak

Aaand That’s a Wrap!

Got any interesting BC comics news? Heard about any upcoming anthologies? Want your webcomic showcased in these updates? Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll consider featuring it on the blog!


Fundraising for Giants

Giants of Main Street, Cloudscape’s sixth anthology, is almost ready to go to press, and so we are currently raising funds to pay for the book’s printing.  If you wish to help support our latest anthology, then you can do so by either by donating money directly to Cloudscape (handing it to Jeff Ellis, Jonathon Dalton, or Christine Vivier) or by purchasing books and art created by various Cloudscape members. Various Cloudscape creations can be bought from the Cloudscape Shop at Etsy as well as from Cloudscape’s IndieGoGo campaign. For discerning connoisseurs of independent comics, libraries of previous Cloudscape books and the contributors’ own artistic pursuits can also be purchased at Indigogo.

Do your part for the Giants cause!


21 Journeys – The Bon Voyage 1

A Comic Book Launch Party!

Where: The Ayden Gallery, 88 West Pender Street, International Village
When: Saturday, September 10, 2011 – 7PM-Late

The Cloudscape Comics Society is proud to present the kickoff for our latest anthology 21 Journeys. Hosted at the fabulous Ayden Gallery, in the heart of downtown Vancouver, join the artists and editors for a night of live music, delightful international treats, trivia, prizes and our special button commissions! Attendance is free for anyone to attend, and the full Cloudscape Anthology library along with our members’ own graphic novels will be available to purchase.

We look forward to seeing to there.


See our Facebook Event | Buy 21 Journeys in our Online Store


Exploded View

Cloudscape is Pleased to announce their fourth book, launching this March; Exploded View.


A Science-Fiction anthology, featuring the talents of
Camilla d’Errico, John Christmas, Colin Upton, Eric Zawadzki, Edison Yan, Jonathon Dalton, Angela Melick, Toren Atkinson, Steve LeCouilliard, and many more!
Look for it this March! A special Advanced Release will be available at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle March 13-14, with a gala launch in Vancouver to follow.


Open Call for Artists! 1

Our next book will be a science fiction book with a theme of “machines”! We’re looking for more serious stories, commentaries on society, morals, and dark agendas. Pages will be black and white or grayscale, sized at 4.5 x 7.4375 bit you get full bleed!

Artists need to be residents or former residents of beautiful British Columbia! So if you got some comicking skills, show us some stuff and make us a short pitch for a 2 -15 page story! We need to see some sequential comics pages, even if they aren’t related to your Sci-Fi pitch, we need to see that you can tell a story with pictures.

So either reply in the forum, email info AT cloudscapecomics DOT com or show up in person and meet us at The Grind Cafe. We meet there every Wednesday at 7:30pm.

Introduce yourself, attach some sequentials or otherwise provide copies of your work that we can review, and tell us what kind of story you want to do.

All pitches and submissions must be in by Sept 30th if you want to be in this book!

A short word on pitches: a pitch is basically just a couple of paragraphs describing the story you intend to draw. There will be subsequent deadlines for pencils and final pages (with an expected printing date early in 2010), but you’ve got to make the Sept. 30th pitch deadline first.


Funday Sunnies in stores now!

If you live in the Lower Mainland and you missed our fabulous launch party and still want to check out our book and you don’t want to pay shipping and handling, you can get your hands on a copy at several fine comic book shops around town.

Go down there and show them you support their choice to carry independently published comics!

Elfsar Comics in Yaletown
The Comic Shop on W 4th
RX Comics on Main near Broadway
Golden Age on Granville
Lucky’s Comics on Main near Kind Edward (and the fine hosts of our launch party)

These guys are all great, and you should give them some business!