Open Call for Artists! 1

Our next book will be a science fiction book with a theme of “machines”! We’re looking for more serious stories, commentaries on society, morals, and dark agendas. Pages will be black and white or grayscale, sized at 4.5 x 7.4375 bit you get full bleed!

Artists need to be residents or former residents of beautiful British Columbia! So if you got some comicking skills, show us some stuff and make us a short pitch for a 2 -15 page story! We need to see some sequential comics pages, even if they aren’t related to your Sci-Fi pitch, we need to see that you can tell a story with pictures.

So either reply in the forum, email info AT cloudscapecomics DOT com or show up in person and meet us at The Grind Cafe. We meet there every Wednesday at 7:30pm.

Introduce yourself, attach some sequentials or otherwise provide copies of your work that we can review, and tell us what kind of story you want to do.

All pitches and submissions must be in by Sept 30th if you want to be in this book!

A short word on pitches: a pitch is basically just a couple of paragraphs describing the story you intend to draw. There will be subsequent deadlines for pencils and final pages (with an expected printing date early in 2010), but you’ve got to make the Sept. 30th pitch deadline first.

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