21 Journeys

"Futures of the Past" at Visible Verse

“Futures of the Past” by poet Ray Hsu, illustrated by artist Chloe Chan, and composed by composer Michael Park was featured in Cloudscape’s fifth anthology, 21 Journeys. While the comic has a print life in the anthology, the video here shows the project’s roots in a composition process spanning poetry, visual art, and music. The video version has been selected for the Visible Verse 2013 film festival, which will be playing at the Cinematheque on October 12. See On Screen for a list of all the festival’s films.


Article on Cloudscape in SFU Newspaper

The Peak, SFU’s newspaper, just published an article by Will Ross on the development of Cloudscape Comics and 21 Journeys:

It began as a series of informal weekly meetings among comic enthusiasts, but when the turnout exceeded expectations, the concept of Cloudscape Comics turned into a reality. “I thought, ‘We’ve got enough people here, if you take a book, and we split it up, five pages per person, we can probably print a book,'” said Cloudscape founder and president Jeff Ellis.

Founded in 2007, Cloudscape Comics is a community of Vancouver comic artists dedicated to giving worthy comics support. “Comics are, if you can believe, not a real money-making venture,” said Ellis. The non-profit society grants its artists exposure by releasing comic anthologies, each with a host of contributing artists and unifying them. When they cleared all of their stock of 250, another anthology followed. “We sold out of all our books and thought, ‘Well, let’s try this again,’ and that was Historyonics, the second book. We decided to push a little further, so we went to a bigger printer and sprang for maybe a thousand books.”

Their latest publication, 21 Journeys, is about traveling, but that theme leaves ample room for creativity. “You have straight-up stories from a bus, and then you’ve also got serial killers and people with obscure psychological disorders and suicide attempts, historical remembrances,” said Ellis. “So it really covers a large gamut.”

To see the rest of the article, read “Clear Skies for Cloudscape Comics.”


21 Journeys Launch: The Voyage Itinerary 1

The 21 Journeys Bon Voyage is at the Ayden Gallery on Saturday, September 10. 7PM-late

With the 21 Journeys Bon Voyage party just a few days away, we at Cloudscape are getting geared up to bring you one amazing event. We’re now happy to present the itinerary for the evening in 3 parts: the Games, the Entertainment and the Menu.

21 Journeys is our greatest anthology yet, and we decided we needed a night of fun and bawdy games to go with it. Join us for all night world trivia and a host of special prizes from Cloudscape’s vault. If you can wow us with your knowledge of world geography, politics, history and entertainment, we will gift you with a list of ever greater prizes. Our bounty includes:

  • Original Limited Edition Art Prints from veteran members Jonathon Dalton, Angela Melick, Camilla D’Errico and Edison Yan.
  • Original paintings, in acrylic and oils on beautiful 8×8” wooden canvases from a variety of artists
  • Buttons, Art Cards, Minis and other pieces of one of a kind art
  • Copies of Funday Sunnies, specially mentioned in Best American Comics 2009
  • Your choice of any Cloudscape anthology in print

Come commission a button from Cloudscape artists!

If you’d prefer to create rather than wrack your brain, we have a button press

warmed up for button commissions. Contributors from 21 Journeys will be taking your requests for any button you want, no matter how difficult or ridiculous. If you have the art itch, you’re more than welcome to draw your own button and snap it through the press. We must admit it’s very satisfying to hear that final click of a completely original button.

We will have live music courtesy of Sleuth!

Join us at the Ayden Gallery this Saturday, 7PM – Late. More information can be found on our Facebook Event.

You can purchase copies of 21 Journeys in our online store.


21 Journeys – The Bon Voyage 1

A Comic Book Launch Party!

Where: The Ayden Gallery, 88 West Pender Street, International Village
When: Saturday, September 10, 2011 – 7PM-Late

The Cloudscape Comics Society is proud to present the kickoff for our latest anthology 21 Journeys. Hosted at the fabulous Ayden Gallery, in the heart of downtown Vancouver, join the artists and editors for a night of live music, delightful international treats, trivia, prizes and our special button commissions! Attendance is free for anyone to attend, and the full Cloudscape Anthology library along with our members’ own graphic novels will be available to purchase.

We look forward to seeing to there.


See our Facebook Event | Buy 21 Journeys in our Online Store


Intro to Graphic Memoir, Tuesday nights this fall!

Miriam Libicki is running a comics course this fall! You should all consider taking it.

From Maus to Persepolis to Blankets, memoirs in graphic novel form are among the most powerful stories being told today. This course offers practical and wide-ranging techniques for translating your life experiences into sequential art. Classroom writing and drawing exercises, as well as take-home assignments, help you develop a creative process from brainstorm to script to layouts and inking. These projects, along with group and individual critiques, will guide you towards effective storytelling in creating an original graphic memoir.

Based on Libicki’s own techniques, as well as strategies from Lynda Barry, Eddie Campbell, Scott McCloud, Jessica Abel and Matt Madden, this intensive yet laid-back course is open to students of all skill and knowledge levels. The underground-comix veteran and the person who hasn’t read books with pictures since childhood, the writer who likes to doodle and the visual artist who writes bits of text in the margins of her drawings, will all find something new and inspiring here, as well as a supportive and diverse critique group that has a habit of lasting longer than the six-week course.

for more information, go here or email [email protected]


Interview with Jeff Ellis in the Fabler

With the release of the 21 Journeys and Exploded View ebooks, the Fabler blog spent some time with President Jeff Ellis asking about the production of 21 Journeys. In particular there is a small discussion on using IndieGoGo as a fundraising platform and our experiences with the service.

Kevin D:Do you feel like sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter can be game-changers for indie comic creators looking to put together anthologies?

Jeff Ellis: Absolutely. We’re not the only group that’s finding that if you show people what you’re going to do and ask for the money up front, people are willing to contribute. There are so many recent examples of people setting up an account on one of those sites and doing something that they wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

It’s funny, I had a friend sort of criticize me for using IndieGoGo, and his logic was, ‘well you have a website, and you have paypal – why don’t you do it yourself?’ I think people don’t trust to send their money to an individual. But then sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter add a bit more legitimacy to it. It makes people feel like they can trust where their money is going, and that really impacts fundraising for creative projects in a positive way.

If you want to read the whole article, it’s available here.


Cloudscape Goes Digital! 1

Attention fans! If you wanted to read a Cloudscape book but haven’t gotten your hands on a print copy, well today is your lucky day! We re proud to offer immediate downloads of our last two books ‘Exploded View’ and ’21 Journeys’ on this very site. Buy yours today!

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21 Journeys

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21 Journeys & Exploded View PDF Set

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Comic Artists Confessing their Sins.

On our ustream, we made some late night confessions of our artistic sins. Complete with tracing, perspective faux pas and 14 year old art failures. Forgive us.

This is for Cloudscape’s 21 Journeys Fundraiser on IndieGoGo. Before 5PM PST April 2, 2011 you can pledge $5 for any commission featuring anything.

Thanks for supporting indie comics!