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The UBC Comics Studies Cluster (PHH Research Cluster), Survivor-Centred Visual Narratives Project, and German Consulate General in Vancouver invite you to a Discussion and Reading with Comics Author Tobi Dahmen

Join us for a fun evening of chatting and diving into the world of comics with German illustrator and comics artist Tobi Dahmen, where he will present his latest graphic novel, Columbusstrasse: Eine Familiengeschichte 1935-1945 (2024). Based on old family letters discovered after his father’s death, this family saga from World War II […]

The TradeWaiters 103: The Cartoonist Co-op 2024 Mini-Comic Awards

For today’s episode we look at the winners of the Cartoonist Co-op 2024 Mini-Comic Awards: Fancies by Alex Cara, Marrow A.K.A. Rodney’s Law by Sloane Hong, Crossed Signals by Narrenstrich, Bottom’s Up! by Barbara Benas, and The Bird Daughters by Madeline McGrane. We’ll talk about the unique magic of minicomics, […]

Halfsoul: Zach Kickstarter is LIVE!

Halfsoul: Zach’s Story Launches on Kickstarter! Many exciting things are happening with Cloudscape in May, from TCAF and VanCAF, to the launch of our newest graphic novel, Halfsoul: Zach, on Kickstarter! This young adult graphic novel comes to life with beautiful linework and dynamic panel layouts. Exploring mental health issues […]

The TradeWaiters 102: “Nancy” by Olivia Jaimes

The TradeWaiters are back and ready to join the Nancy Renaissance! We read the first print collection of Nancy by Olivia Jaimes, and weigh in on the new artist who has taken over an ancient but venerated comic strip. Spoiler: Olivia Jaimes is lit, and you’re wrong if you think […]

Cloudscape Saves the Bees!

On March 23rd, 2pm – 5pm, we’ll be launching new BC Native Bee ID trading cards outside the studio, with images created by Cloudscape Comic Society artists and the BC Native Bee Society. Featuring cards designed by Madeline Berger, Haley Boros, Jordanna George, Olive Pinard, Jess Pollard, and Matthew Nielsen. Drop by […]

My Love, in Stitches Kickstarter Wraps Up Soon!

Greetings, comic lovers! We have been eagerly tracking the My Love, in Stitches Kickstarter’s progress and are thrilled to see all the support it has garnered so far! But there’s still a ways to go before we reach our goal. We want to make sure everyone has a chance to […]

My Love in Stitches Kickstarter is LIVE!

The My Love in Stitches graphic novel is live on Kickstarter! Join Frankie in a world full of monsters, magic and (hopefully!) love, as she tries her best to set the seams on an exciting new life!

Meeting Cancelled

Due to the concerns about the weather. Our in-person meeting is cancelled. Tomorrow’s meeting will be online. To access the meeting you need to be an introduced member on our Discord. Discord access here:  

The TradeWaiters 101: Comics Reinvented: The Next 100 Years

After much delay, we can finally bring you episode 101 of the TradeWaiters. This time we’re putting ourselves on the spot, and talking about our hopes and fears for the present and future state of comics. This is a continuation of our discussion from last episode on Scott McCloud’s Reinventing […]

Comic Picks of 2023!

The end of the year is a time of reflection, and the same holds true for comic creators. We at the Cloudscape board have come up with a list of comics that stood out to us this year!