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BC Tourism Talks BC Comics

Cloudscape president Oliver McTavish-Wisden recently wrote an article showcasing comics in BC that was featured on the BC Tourism website:

“Most visitors to BC come for the gorgeous natural scenery, renowned dining scene and local culture. But in addition to these iconic BC attractions, there are plenty of opportunities for those seeking a more niche experience. For example, BC is becoming increasingly know for a growing community of cartoonists making a name for themselves locally and beyond. If you’re a comic buff, or a creator yourself, BC has a lot to offer in terms of sights, stories and activities. Read on to gain a bit of a head start in exploring BC’s rich comic scene.

A number of artists and writers call BC home. Nina Matsumoto, Ian Boothby and James Lloyd all work for Bongo Comics, Vancouverite Sam Logan writes and draws the highly popular Sam and Fuzzy webcomic, and Johnnie Christmas and Ed Brisson authored Sheltered (possibly the greatest pre-apocalyptic story), published through Image Comics. Colin Upton, a fixture in the alternative arts scene since the 1980s, can often be seen walking around Vancouver and leaving behind mini-comics and ink stains in the various cafés he frequents. Also notable are Brandon Graham and Simon Roy, BC artists who’ve worked on the ground-breaking Prophet series, a comic that is proving to be critical in reviving the sci-fi genre on a large scale. And that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg: hundreds of talented indie comic artists spin their stories on our shores.”

For more, read “BC’s Comic Scene: Vancouver and Beyond.”

Epic Canadiana #2 Kickstarter Has Begun!

The Kickstarter fundraiser for Epic Canadiana #2, Cloudscape’s second anthology of Canadian superheroes, has begun!

Epic Canadiana #2 features 17 stories (over 200 pages!) dedicated to exploring numerous flavours of superheroism within Canada. EPIC CANADIANA #2 is a black & white anthology featuring awesome comics written and drawn by creators from all over Canada, with 17 stories (over 200 pages!). It features a truly diverse collection of heroes – some of them pastiches of classic 40s characters and others totally new. There are arctic demigods and social activists, restless spirits and bison-riding vigilantes. Canada is a tapestry of great diversity, and we have striven to represent them in our anthology with heroes of various genders, ethnicities, and perspectives, including aboriginal and immigrant champions, a character coping with autism, a gay rights activist, a conflicted colonial soldier, and many more. And carefully studying all of them is Department None, a hidden branch of the Canadian government dedicated to keeping track of all superhumans… and dealing with them if necessary.

The anthology features comics by Edison Yan (Scribblenauts), Craig Wilson (Graphic Classics), Colin Upton (Self-Indulgent Minicomics), Julian Lawrence (Drippytown), Eric Johnson (The Graphic Canon Vol. 1), and D. M. Higgins (Superdames, Jill Trent: Science Sleuth); as well as previous Clousdscape contributors Bevan Thomas, Kris Sayer, Jordan Stasuk, Jason Wilkins, Ksenia Kozhevnikova, Jayleen Weaver, Jeri Weaver, Matthew Klippenstein, Ian Thomas, Shevon Singh, Micah Iwaasa, Kate Ebensteiner, and Jeff Ellis; and newcomers Nevin Arnold, Dino Caruso, George Athanasiou, Nelson de Rocha, Alex Greychuck, Manoj Kumar, Kyle Roberts, Liam Rodgers, and John Ward.

Visit the Epic Canadiana Kickstarter page to buy a copy of the anthology as well as other Cloudscape classics!

Bio/Graphic: Art Exhibition on Autobiographical Comics

From October 9 to November 16, the Seymour Art Gallery in North Vancouver will have an exhibition on BC autobiographical comics, featuring such Cloudscape contributors as Colin Upton, Sean Karemaker, and Miriam Libicki. On October 20, the exhibition will feature a panel discussion from 2-3 PM and a reception from 3-4:30.

Autobiography in Comics

Daily Annotated Upton Mini-Comics! 1

Colin Upton's mini-comicsColin Upton, a prominent Cloudscape contributor, has been creating indie mini-comics for over 25 years (since 1985)! His comics explore numerous themes, including history, autobiography, satire, politics, religion, life in the city, and sometimes just plain silliness. Currently, he’s posting his close to 200 mini-comics, one a day, on his Tumblr. Each posting comes with a short commentary about the comic and the materials involved. Drop by and check them out!

In addition to his involvement in comics, Colin has been a noise artist, punk rock drummer, illustrator, painter, writer, 3-D artist, miniaturist, wargamer, radio broadcaster, political/editorial cartoonist, raconteur, and flaneur… or so it says on his business card.

Colin Upton at Broken Frontier

Broken Frontier is a comics news website that I frequently blog for on various topics.

My latest blog post discusses someone I’m sure all of you are familiar with, that master of minicomics, that adept of autobiography, that emir of the underground… the one, the only Colin Upton:

Colin Upton's "Utterly True History of Mini-Comics"

“He’s a fascinating guy. A generation older than the rest of the Cloudscape team, he started making comics in the 1980s and became an important part of Canada’s developing independent comics scene. He was prominently featured in John Bell’s Invaders from the North, a book that analyzes the development of the Canadian comic book, and in Bryan Talbot’s The Naked Artist, a collection of weird and wonderful stories….”

For more, read my article at Broken Frontier.

No U-Turn Gallery Opening in Vancouver

No U-Turn Gallery Opening Show PosterVancouver is home to a new low brow gallery opening up in East Vancouver – Mount Pleasant. From underground artist Mad Dog comes No U-Turn Gallery, which is opening this Friday with a show featuring some of the best underground painters this city has to offer.

The opening show will feature paintings on “Your Worst Nightmare” by Aime Milot, Andrea Tucker, Ken Gerberick and vetran Cloudscape member Colin Upton. It’s scheduled for Friday, August 5 from 7PM to Midnight at their new space at 752 East Broadway.