Cloudscape at Culture Days: September 26

culture days

Remember, everyone, that Culture Days is this month! September 25-27, there are going to be events and workshops all over Metro Vancouver to engage everyone in the arts and cultural life of our community. As part of this festival, Cloudscape will be teaching families how to create mini-comics on Saturday, September 26. You can get more info and sign-up at How to Make Mini-Comics at the Cloudscape Comics HQ. Hope to see you there!


Comics in Transit Update

As many of you know. Cloudcape’s Comics in Transit is currently going on, with single-page comics appearing in bus shelters all over Vancouver. To give you an example of what to look for, here’s the comic done by local comic legend Steve Rolston:


Also, remember to check out this comic and all the others at their own particular locations and participate in the Comics in Transit contest.

Comics in Transit places:

  • Powell 20m W/O Main NS, Sept 7 – Oct 5
  • W. Broadway 30m W/O Maple NS, Sept 7 – Sept 14
  • King Edward 23m W/O Maple NS, Sept 7 – Sept 14
  • Cambie 31m S/O W. 43rd WS, Sept 7 – Oct 5
  • Commercial 20m N/O E. 6th ES, Sept 14 – Oct 5
  • Fraser 20m N/O E. 28th ES, Sept 7 – Oct 5
  • Hastings 43m E/O Windermere SS, Sept 7 – Oct 5
  • Kingsway 20m W/O Rupert NS, Sept 7 – Oct 5
  • Nanaimo 27m S/O William WS, Sept 14 – Oct 5
  • SW Marine 20m E/O Blenheim SS, Sept 7 – Sept 14
  • W. 10th 29m W/O Tolmie NS, Sept 7 – Oct 5
  • W. 41st 11m W/O Dunbar SS, Sept 14 – Oct 5
  • E. 49th 31m E/O Killarney SS, Sept 7 – Oct 5

Events in September

Cloudscape is going to be involved in various events in September, so mark them off in your calendars and stay tuned for more info:

  1. Langara Comics Showcase, September 9. Langara College will be starting-up a Graphic Novel & Comics Certificate Program this autumn, which will include numerous Cloudscape members as instructors (including founder Jeff Ellis, artist Amancay Nahuelpan, and writer Shannon Campbell). On September 9, there will be a showcase for the program, which will feature Jeff, Amancay, and Jonathon Dalton drawing.
  2. Minicomic Workshop, September 26: As part of Culture Days, on September 26, we’ll be having a Minicomic Workshop at Cloudscape HQ. It will feature various stations, each one helping kids and parents complete one stage in the production of a minicomic: writing, drawing, inking, colouring, scanning, printing, and production.

So You Think You Can Draw Umbrella Girl


Umbrella Girl & Cloudsey

As many Cloudscape fans know, our unofficial mascot is Umbrella Girl, an energetic young Vancouverite who is (almost) always sporting an umbrella and who has appeared at least once in each of our anthologies. A while back, we did “So You Think You Can Draw Umbrella Girl,” in which people were encouraged to send in their own interpretations of this enigmatic heroine. We received Umbrella Girls of numerous ages, ethnicities, and temperaments, and now we’re interested in doing it again. We encourage everyone who’s interested to send us images of her. You can have her looking similar to how she’s appeared before, or you can go off in a totally different direction. The only requirement is that she must have an umbrella. You can also send us images of Cloudscape’s other, more nefarious mascot: Cloudsey is a ruthless capitalist with a cloud for a head, and the archnemesis of our board member Jonathon Dalton.

To see all of Umbrella Girl and Cloudsey’s previous appearances, visit our Umbrella Girl and Cloudsey Cullen McLeod pages. As with the Comic Battle, you can send all emails to Bevan Thomas at [email protected]

Next Week: Cloudscape Horror Double-Bill

night tideJust reminding everyone that to get people excited about submitting to our upcoming horror anthology, Bones of the Coast, next week Cloudscape is having a fundraising horror movie night at Cloudscape HQ, open to anyone interested in submitting. This will be a great opportunity to meet last-minute collaborators and exchange ideas before the August 15th pitch deadline.

Date: Saturday, August 1
Place: Cloudscape HQ (5955 Ross Street)
Admission: By donation (min. $2)
Open to: all artists/writers interested in submitting for Bones of the Coast! +1s are welcome, too!

8:30 PM: Night Tide
10:30 PM: Tormented

Popcorn and soda will be included, as will be paper and pens! Draw monsters, ghosts, and each other! And if you like, donate your drawings at the end of the night as rewards for the Bones of the Coast kickstarter, which will go live in April 2016.

All proceeds for the evening will go towards the printing costs of the anthology!

Cloudscape Comic Battle Returns!

Cloudscape Comic Battle

Cloudscape is very excited to announce a revival of our classic blog event: Comic Battle! Every week, on Wednesday evening, we will announce a new comic theme on the Cloudscape blog; this theme might be a word, a phrase, a sentence, anything that we think could be good inspiration for a comic. Then, we will give people one week to create a comic strip around that theme. Once all the comics are in, they’ll be all posted on our blog, and everyone will have a week to vote on which one they like best. This will continue every week, so generally each Wednesday a new theme will be revealed, the comics from the previous week will be displayed, and the winner from the week before that will be announced.

And now, here is the first week’s comic theme. All comics are due by 7:30 on Wednesday, June 24:
“Worst part about summer.”

Comic Battle Rules

  • Anyone may enter, even if they are not regular attendees at Cloudscape meetings
  • Original work only
  • Content can be anything, though should restrict itself to a PG rating or lower.
  • Words are optional in the comic and it may be as long or as short as you like – however, it must have at least two panels. A single panel isn’t a comic; it’s just a picture.
  • Files should be at most 900×1800 pixels, web-ready jpg or png
  • All comics should be sent to Bevan Thomas at [email protected].

Good luck! I look forward to reading all your submissions!

Vancouver Draw Down This Saturday!

vancouver drawn downRemember, Vancouver Draw Down is this Saturday (June 20)! There will be hands-on drawing events all over Metro Vancouver as a wide variety of professional artists show people how to explore the art of drawing in numerous ways. We at Cloudscape are definetly looking forward to the events we’ll be running:

  • Comic Jam Members will be running a comic jam, where each person draws a single panel of a comic, then passes it on
    11 am – 1 pm
    Douglas Park Community Centre, 801 West 22 Avenue.
  • Exquisite Sea Monster. At the same time, other Cloudscapers will be leading the drawing of an “exquisite sea monster,” where each person draws a part of the monster without know what the other parts look like.
    11:30 am – 1:30 pm
    Sunset Community Centre, 6810 Main Street

See you soon!

Camosun Comics Art Festival this Saturday in Victoria

Camosun Comics Art Festival

Just reminding everyone that this Saturday, Cloudscape will be attending the Camosun Comics Art Festival (CCAF) in Victoria. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by. We’ll be there with lots of great local comic creators, including Simon Roy, Renee Nault, Deni Loubert, Arn Saba, and, of course, the 2015 graduating class of the Camosun Comics & Graphic Novels program! The festival will run 12-5 PM and be at Young building at Camosun’s Lansdowne campus. For more information, visit the Camosun website. Hope to see you all there!