Alloy Electrum: an anthology of all-ages mixed-race stories

Alloy: Electrum is a new comics anthology seeking stories of having a mixed-race heritage. As they describe it:

“What story do you have to tell about your own mixed race experience? Think of this comic anthology as a love letter to ourselves, to the next generations of mixed-race kids, young adults, and even their parents. How did you feel growing up mixed-race? What did you celebrate? Did you feel accepted by friends and family? Did you ever feel different? Do you know anyone else like you? How has being mixed-race challenged you? And how has your mixed-race experience given you strength? There’s a huge range of stories to tell, and we want to represent as many as we can.”

The anthology pays $50/page. Deadline for all pitches is October 27. For more information, visit the Alloy Anthology page.



Exhibitor applications now open for VanCAF 2018

Exhibitor applications are now open for VanCAF 2018. If you are a local creator of indie comics, we strongly recommend you get a table.

The Vancouver Comics Art Festival has been running annually since 2012, the most prominent Vancouver event focusing on independent comics and comic creators. It has attracted both exhibitors and comic fans from all over North America, and many indie comic creators find that sales of their books at VanCAF far surpass that of most other comic events. Cloudscape Comics has always had a prominent presence at this festival, and we’re really looking forward to exhibiting there next year.

For more information, visit the Exhibitor Application section of the VanCAF website.


Corpus: A Comics Anthology of Bodily Ailments

A new comics anthology has announced a call for submission:

CORPUS: A COMIC ANTHOLOGY OF BODILY AILMENTS is an anthology about illness, in any form. Everyone’s been sick at some point, some for short periods, some for their entire lives. We are all united by the fact that we navigate the world with our bodies, and it deeply affects the way we exist…. Stories have the power to spark empathy. These stories of illness connect us, remove the fear of the disabled and the unknown. Inspiration can be found in knowing that others have gone through difficult health issues. Telling stories like this helps alleviate stigma and fear of the unknown. It allows us to humanize those who are disabled in any way, instead of coldly viewing others as burdens on society. After all, health is a funny thing like that. Most don’t really think about their own health until it’s compromised.”

This anthology pays $50/page and the deadline for all pitches is November 22nd. For more information, visit the Corpus website.


Final Cloud Shop: Perspective with Jonathon Dalton

The final Cloud Shop of the year is this Thursday at 7:30, the Cloudscape HQ. Learn perspective with Cloudscape co-founder Jonathon Dalton!  Spend time polishing your backgrounds with some handy tricks for drawing any number of vanishing points with as few headaches as possible.

To register for this free workshop, go to Cloud Shop: Perspective.


Job Announcement: Cloudscape is seeking to hire a bookkeeper

We are looking for a one-day-a-month bookkeeper for Cloudscape Comics. The candidate should be knowledgeable, professional, and upbeat. A love of comics a bonus! The ideal candidate will have a passion for helping our organization live up to its potential and helping sort out the books to assure we know our financial situation at all times. The candidate should also be in good standing with the various government financial agencies.


  • Full cycle bookkeeping
  • Annual government reporting (Sales Tax & T4’S)
  • Preparing bank deposits
  • Performing monthly bank and Visa reconciliations
  • Basic understanding of payroll for small business and CCP remittance payments


  • Solid understanding of bookkeeping principles
  • Experience with non-profit societies or charities a plus
  • Well-organized, attention to detail, and accurate
  • Excellent communication skills, must be able to fluently speak and write in English




How to Apply: 

Please send cover letter and resume to Oliver McTavish-Wisden at  [email protected]. Deadline to apply is October 20th.

Only individuals who might be considered for the position will be contacted.

Thank you!


The TradeWaiters 39: “Scott Pilgrim” vol. 5 & 6 by Bryan Lee O’Malley

At last we’ve reached the end of our Scott Pilgrimage. Join Jess, Jam, Jeff, Jon, and Kgros as we finish off Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim with volumes 5 and 6. In this episode we talk about character arcs, throwaway plot twists, background artists, and More Kim Pine. If you’ve traveled with us this far, take our hand and jump into the void with us one more time.

Also there was a movie based on this book. What’s the deal with that?

Also mentioned in this episode:
Spaced directed by Edgar Wright
The Nameless City by Faith Erin Hicks
Theo Ellsworth
Andrew MacLean
Let’s Speak English by Mary Cagle
and Retail Nightmares by Alicia Tobin and Jessica Delisle

And our own projects:
Phobos and Deimos by Jonathon Dalton
Crossroads by Jeff Ellis
Lunar Maladies by kgros
Liquid Shell by Jess Pollard
and Wasted Talent by Angela Melick.

Original music by Sleuth.
Chip-tune adaptation by Beru.

Our next episode will be on the first volume of Princess Jellyfish by Akiko Higashimura

You can also follow the TradeWaiters on Tumblr, Soundcloud, Twitter, iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.


Second edition of “Look Straight Ahead” is being published through Renegade Arts

Look Straight Ahead is a powerful graphic novel by Canadian cartoonist Elaine M. Will, exploring the mental breakdown of 17-year-old Jeremy Knowles. School pressure and extreme bullying  cause Jeremy to suffer a break from reality, and he must find a way to heal himself as everything feels like it’s crumbling around him. This graphic novel is an intense exploration of mental illness, using the unique framework of the comic medium to explore a topic that’s rarely discussed in graphic novels.

Look Straight Ahead  was nominated for a 2011 Joe Shuster Award and was the recipient of a 2012 Xeric Award. In addition, it has received accolades from numerous sources, including the Canadian Mental Health Association. If you didn’t pick a copy before, now the second edition of Look Straight Ahead is being published by Renegade Arts Entertainment and it is currently available for order from October’s Diamond Comic Distributors Previews catalog under order code OCT171765.

To get a copy of this critically-acclaimed mental health drama, simply ask your local comic book store to order you a copy with order code OCT171765. To learn more about the story, visit the Look Straight Ahead website.


Publish your graphic novel through Cloudscape Comics

Though we at Cloudscape are best known for our quality comic anthologies, we also  publish the graphic novels of individual members, such as Kathleen Gros’ Last Night at Wyrmwood High, Steve LeCouilliard’s Una the BladeSean Karemaker’s Feast of Fields, and Jason Turner’s Fir Valleyas well as Bevan Thomas’ Gene Day Award-winning duo of Epic Canadiana collections.  We are currently looking for new books to publish, and the next one could very well be yours.

Do you have an idea for a new graphic novel in any genre? Or perhaps are you interested in publishing a compilation of your webcomic or even in editing a comic anthology of your own? We have the experience and resources to help make that happen. To learn more, check out Pitching a Comic to Cloudscape. We look forward to hearing from you.