The Witching Hours is an anthology of comics about magical women, written, illustrated and edited by women and non-binary persons.

It features 11 stories ranging from fantasy to horror to slice of life, written and drawn by some of the best comics creators in Western Canada.


Chicken Soup & Goji Berries Now Available for Purchase!

Cloudscape is proud to introduce it’s latest book, Chicken Soup and Goji Berries, now available on the Cloudscape shop! Chicken Soup and Goji Berries is a 98 page, bilingual graphic novel by Naomi Cui and Janice Liu. The comic seeks to explore the connections across languages, cultures, and generations that can exist […]

Crafting Characters

By Evan Waterman To see more tutorials about making comics, check out Cloudscape’s Comics 101 page. Han Solo, Sansa Stark, Forrest Gump… Everyone has their favourite characters. Characters are the lifeblood of your story. Without strong, likable characters there is very little chance your readers will be interested in your comic. […]

New Anthology Open For Submission from TO Comix

From the publisher of Wayward Sisters and Shout Out comes a monstrous new anthology! Wayward Kindred will use monster and human characters to explore the ways that our differences bring us closer to, or divide us from, our families. TO Comix is interested in stories of monstrous families, but most interested in stories that feature a […]

How To Format A Comic Script

By Evan Waterman To see more tutorials about making comics, check out Cloudscape’s Comics 101 page. There are many different ways to format a comic script. They can be very tightly worded, describing the details of every panel, or they can be loose, only giving a vague overview of each […]

CAN CON 2019

Cloudscape comics is excited to announce we will be appearing at four Canadian conventions starting this weekend! April 25-28 we will be at the Calgary Comic Expo at booth 245 May 3-4 we will be at Prairie Comics Festival in Winnipeg May 10-11 we will be at the Toronto Comic […]

Celebrate Free Comic Book Day with Cloudscape!

Want some free comics? Free comic book day is rapidly approaching, and Cloudscape participating this year with our share of free comics. Come join us on Saturday, May 4th for a fun day at Metropolis Comics and toys! We will have some discounted books as well as some free giveaways! […]

“Make It!” Vancouver art show at the PNE

This weekend the Pacific National Exhibition is hosting “Make It!”, a market of handmade art by local creators. Tickets are $6 at the door, kids 12 and under are free but you can buy your tickets early to save 50% ($3). You can get more information about the show on […]

Orange Boxes and City Futures

The Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre is organizing a community art project in Vancouver centered on “orange construction boxes”: Orange Boxes and City Futures is a community collaborative project that examines the orange fences that surround trees in construction zones in Vancouver. What do these orange boxes say about the […]

The Witching Hours Final Days

There are, as of this writing, less than three days left for the Witching Hours Kickstarter. If you somehow missed the news about Cloudscape’s latest anthology project, there’s still time to get this book! But not a lot of time. The Witching Hours is an anthology of comics about magical […]

The TradeWaiters 58: “The Calvin & Hobbes 10th Anniversary Book” by Bill Watterson

Is Calvin a reflection on the inner child? This is one of many questions raised as we read The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book by Bill Watterson. Calvin and Hobbes are a big part of comics past and present. We reflect on the nostalgia, the history, and the craft […]