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Welcome to Mina’s Creator Spotlight: Jeff Ellis

Jeff is one of the creators featured in our latest anthology, Welcome to Mina’s. Jeff is the founder of Cloudscape comics and is currently their executive director. He’s assisted in most of Cloudscape’s publishing projects over the years. He was the co-creator of “Teach English in Japan with Jonathon Dalton, […]

Welcome to Mina’s Creator Spotlight: Evan Waterman and Lo Vicente

Evan Waterman and Lo Vicente are two of the creators featured in our latest anthology, Welcome to Mina’s. Evan Waterman is a Vancouver born comic and children’s book writer and letterer, as well as Director of Promotions at Cloudscape Comics. You can view some of his work as well as […]

Welcome to Mina’s Creator Spotlight: Dino Caruso & Haley Boros

Dino Caruso and Haley Boros are two of the creators featured in our latest anthology, Welcome to Mina’s. Dino Caruso lives with his wife, two boys and two rabbits in Hamilton, Ontario. He’s had comics published by Caliber, Markosia and Action Lab. He’s had a bunch of short comics published […]

In Conversation with ‘Welcome to Mina’s’ Editor Emily Lampson

Edited by Emily Lampson and featuring stories from over 20 creators, Welcome to Mina’s is the latest anthology to be published by Cloudscape Comics. The book collects stories set in a fictional diner in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The heartwarming comics that fill its pages follow the diner, its employees, and […]

Welcome to Mina’s is Live on Kickstarter!

Cloudscape’s latest anthology revolves around a fictional diner, Mina’s, set in the heart of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The book was created and edited by Cloudscape board member, Emily Lampson, and features stories by 21 artists and writers. Welcome to Mina’s is a 135 page book filled with wonderful black and white […]

Upcoming Panel Appearance: Kathleen Gros

Cloudscape member and current Secretary Kathleen Gros will be appearing on a panel with the North Texas Teen Book Festival on Thursday November 19th at 7pm CT. The panel is called Get Graphic: Family Matters and features four creators with works that deal with family dynamics. The event will be […]

Fantastic Frights is open for submissions!

From the publisher of Bones of the Coast and The Witching Hours comes a fantastically spooky new comics anthology! The Cloudscape Comics Society is proud to announce that FANTASTIC FRIGHTS, the all-ages fantasy/horror comics anthology, is now open for submissions! Fantastic Frights is a modern day love letter to the […]

Tower 25 Has Arrived!

This morning our secretary and editor-in-chief received a special delivery–the print copies of Tower 25 by PJ Patten. The books look fantastic and are eager to head out to their new homes. Thank you to everyone who helped bring this book to print, we couldn’t do what we do without […]

In Conversation with Steve LeCouilliard

Nothing delights me more than listening to cartoonists and storytellers talk about their process. Since the Kickstarter for Much the Miller’s Son: the Doomsday Book launched last week, I thought it would be fun to (virtually) sit down with its creator, Steve, and pick his brain about the book.  For […]

Halloween in September!

Halloween in September? You heard that right! Time has no meaning right now, so why shouldn’t we get to start Halloween two months early? On September 7th (formerly Labour Day), Cloudscape is running a super spooky Halloween spectacular, entirely online. We have a number of ghoulish events planned, and you’re welcome to join us! Unless you’re too […]