"Waterlogged" nominated for Gene Day Award!

Gene Day Nominees

The Joe Shuster Awards are Canada’s national awards for honouring comics, with awards for writers, artists, webcartoonists, retailers… and self-publishers. Out of more than 40 submissions, Cloudscape’s Waterlogged: Tales from the Seventh Sea was selected as one of the eight final nominees for the 2014 Gene Day Award for self-published comics. Win or lose, this is a great honor; it’s exciting to be considered.


"Waterlogged: Tales From the Seventh Sea" Launch Party 2

Waterlogged Poster 2

Waterlogged Book Launch!

We at the Cloudscape Comics Society are excited to announce the launch of our 7th graphic novel! Waterlogged features art by Sam Logan, Nina Matsumoto, Angela Melick, Colin Upton, Lucy Bellwood, and many more. With stories that range from deep space exploration to terrifying tea pirates, you won’t find a better companion for your berth.

On Thursday September 5th, visit us at the Vancouver Maritime Museum from 6-8 pm for Waterlogged‘s launch party. Buy some new books, meet the artists, grab a drink, eat some food, and tour the museum, enjoying all its artifacts from the sea.

Make sure to RSVP here

All are welcome with or without an RSVP.


Georgia Straight publishes article on Cloudscape Comics!

Waterlogged georgia straight

Gregory Adams of the Georgie Straight stopped by the launch party of our art show Stratus at the Ayden Gallery, where he studied our art and interviewed many Cloudscape members. Here’s the article that resulted from it:

Since its inception, Cloudscape Comics Society has galvanized local cartoonists into creating anthologies touching on everything from urban sword-swinging fantasies to real-world historical events, planet-hopping sci-fi, and the lost medium of the large-format Sunday funnies. When the Vancouver group was pressed to think up a theme for its next collection, it only had to look to the water for inspiration. Due early this summer, Waterlogged: Tales From the Seventh Sea unites the Cloudscape crew through stories that highlight their shared coastal heritage.

‘We’re a British Columbia–based group, so we all spend a lot of time near the sea or thinking about the sea,’ Cloudscape vice-president Jonathon Dalton tells the Straight at the Ayden Gallery, where the collective is holding a group show called Stratus. The walls display work like Paul Gill’s ghost-busting Bill Murray caricatures, and a vibrantly painted, spear-toting warrior in a lion-skin headdress by Chenoa Gao. Nearby, an iPad full of preview pages from Waterlogged sits on a table, ready to be scrolled through. ‘We got back a whole bunch of stories, lots of them to do with pirates, sea monsters, mermaids—all kinds of stuff,’ Dalton explains, noting his ‘In the Hall of the Octopus’ is a creature tale set in a Pacific Northwest First Nations community….”

Read the rest of the article in the Georgia Straight.


Calling All Pirates!

Avast, ye swabs! Like with the bestiary in our previous book Giants of Main Street, our new graphic novel anthology Waterlogged will include its own gallery of characters created by talented artists. In this case, it will be a catalogue of some of the most infamous pirates ever to sail the seven seas. These pirates can be from any time period, past, present & future, or even be sailing the oceans of other worlds. They can be historical, mythological, or created entirely by you. They can be corsairs, privateers, smugglers, Vikings, submarine captains, slave-traders, sea reavers, or anything else you wish, as long as they’re sea-going and nefarious.

To have your pirates featured in the book, send a picture of the pirate and a picture of the pirate’s flag as well as information about the pirate either in paragraph or note form. Information should include the time period the pirate existed in (general centuries or such terms as “The Dark Ages” or “The Age of Homer” are acceptable), the place where the pirate plied his or her trade, the crew the pirate was connected with, the actions that made the pirate infamous, and anything else of interest. As with the bestiary, the info you submit on the pirates will be rewritten in order that all the entries look like they were recorded by the same person, someone writing an encyclopedia of famous pirates.

The flag should be drawn as viewed straight on, just like the pirate flags seen here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jolly_Roger. The pirate should be drawn to include the full body and be within a simple frame. The dimensions should be 2×3 for the flag and 4×6 for the pirate.

As with the rest of the anthology, the pirate images should make use of two colours: black and a particular shade of blue; it is up to the artist where exactly the blue should be applied to the picture. For more information on the colours, view the appropriate section at the Waterlogged Artists Guidelines.

Deadline for submissions is March 1st. Send all submissions to me, Bevan Thomas, at [email protected].