Culture Days

Culture Days 2015: How to Make Mini-Comics

It’s only a few days until Culture Days (which starts on Friday). Remember to stop by Cloudscape HQ on Saturday for our “How to Make Mini-Comics” workshop. A lot of other Park Board artist residencies are getting involved in Culture Days too. Check them out!

Culture Days only a week away!

Stop by Cloudscape HQ on September 26 (12:00-4:00 PM) to learn how to make a mini-comic from start to finish. We’re going to show everyone how to write a comic short story, draw the pages, scan the art, print the book, and staple it all together.

Cloudscape at Culture Days: September 26

Remember, everyone, that Culture Days is this month! September 25-27, there are going to be events and workshops all over Metro Vancouver to engage everyone in the arts and cultural life of our community. As part of this festival, Cloudscape will be teaching families how to create mini-comics on Saturday, September […]

Events in September

Cloudscape is going to be involved in various events in September, so mark them off in your calendars and stay tuned for more info: Langara Comics Showcase, September 9. Langara College will be starting-up a Graphic Novel & Comics Certificate Program this autumn, which will include numerous Cloudscape members as instructors (including […]

Cloudscape Culture Days Open House on September 27

Culture Days raises the awareness, accessibility, participation and engagement of Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities. Hundreds of thousands of artists, cultural workers, organizations, and volunteers across the country self-mobilize to host free participatory public activities that take place in hundreds of cities and towns throughout […]

Free Workshop for Zines

COME MAKE ZINES: FREE DROP-IN ZINE WORKSHOP! Pinch Drawing, collage and writing with experienced zine-maker Anne Emberline of Pinch as part of a workshop at Project Space as part of Culture Days. Participants can create their own zine and/or create layouts for a collaborative zine that will be distributed at […]